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Middle Ages Brewing – Swallow Wit (Witbier)

  • 4.80% ABV
  • On the whole my New York beer haul has been mostly pretty good with a couple of really good and a couple of pretty blah beers. So far there hasnt been anything horrible, luckily the misses have just been, blah. In my mind that speaks to the overwhelming power of New York’s awesomeness. Sadly this is another blah, it isnt bad but I am not in love with it. M1 really likes it and I turned it over her to finish it. It is light, crisp and very bubbly. M1 likes the bubbles, she described it as prosecco-y. But it isnt for me.
  • – Dont buy


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Positive Contact (Witbier)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • First off, I tasted this and was enjoying it before I read up on what it is. I liked it but was hesitant because of the ABV. It is pretty good and a little intriguing. I wasnt sure of the style but it is lighter, go figure it is a Wit. Any way there is a whole lot more going on here, I am not going to go into it but it is pretty good and worth trying. I like it and I am totally happy I tried it and so should you… But the style isnt for me.
  • – Dont buy again… (try it once at least).


Rogue Ales – Mom Hefeweizen (Witbier)

  • 4.80% ABV
  • M1 and I are in a for real argument about what this is. She loves it so much she refuses to believe that this is a Wit and it is making her really angry that it is a Wit. what ever it is pretty good and I am really enjoying it. It is a Wit +1 (on the taste scale) and I understand why M1 is so passionate about it. We have had this beer like 7 or 8 times and I never tried it. All the while M1 was drinking the shit out of it and loving it and I can see why. Try this shit, it made us fight, not over how good it is but what style it is. And for M1 and I to fight over something must mean it is good.
  • + Buy again


Bell’s Brewery, Inc. – Winter White Ale (Witbier)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • Welp that is a pretty good Wit. I am basically retarded so I still have a hard time distinguishing Wit’s from Heffe’s. Well I guess Wit’s are a little more astringent, not in a bad way. I mean that in good way but honestly Heffe’s are a little bit smoother. What ever! This is a good ass beer that should be served year round. Ya, M1 REALLY loves this and I like it enough to kill a Occupy “WHAT EVER” protester to get another one. Yes that is faint praise and this beer deserves a better proponent… Go fuck yer self…
  • + Buy again.

Samuel Adams – Blackberry Witbier (Witbier)

  • Lowish goodness
  • Good taste. It definitely smells like a berry, but that isnt the focus of the taste. The taste is almost not beer like, but not in a bad way. I mean you know you are drinking a beer but the emphasis isnt on hops or malt. It is balanced between the two with a taste of something else there. I always thought putting fruit or berries in beer was stupid but this is really good.
  • + Buy again