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Asheville Brewers Alliance/Sierra Nevada Brewing – Tater Ridge (Scottish Ale)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • I would like to formally request that brewers stop using stupid shit to make their beers special or unique. Just make a good tasting beer, it doesnt have to have “the essence of a muskrat” to make you stand out from the rest of the available beers. Trust me if it is good enough people will hear about it and buy that shit. This beer for example, is brewed with sweet potato’s. Fucking sweet potato’s! Who the shit thought that was a good idea? Dont get me wrong, this isnt horrible and that is the problem. If these dudes have enough skill to make a beer brewed with sweet potato’s taste good then they probably could have made a kick ass normal beer.
  • – Dont buy


Founders Brewing Company – Dirty Bastard (Scotch Ale)

  • 8.50% ABV
  • It smells like fucking chocolate. Haven’t actually tasted it yet but it smells like choco to me. Ok (10 minutes later) this is actually pretty good. This tastes very roasted malty to me, and it is good. I dont really know the style that well and I am not sure how close it conforms to it… But hot damn it is pretty good., It isnt dark tasting and it isnt sweet but it certainly is some where in-between the two.
  • + Buy again.

Stone Brewing Company – Highway 78 (Scotch Ale)

  • 8.80% ABV
  • Damn it I know for certain that the world has spun off of its axis. This is my second new Stone and the second Stone I haven’t liked, what the fuck? It is a Scotch Ale and I dont really like the style but Stone has done that before and I have liked them. I dont understand what the hell is going on, it is missing that distinctive stone flavor. Instead it has a kind of muddled almost not sweet – sweet taste. Fuck me, I guess if you like Scotch Ales this is probably really good.
  • – Dont buy