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Hill Farmstead Brewery – Dorothy (Saison)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • This is probably going to be my last Hill Farmstead and that makes me very sad. As good as they are, and they are very good, at brewing beer there is now way I am driving to Vermont to get one. Sad… Any way this is a very odd tasting beer. It is a saison, no question, but has a non style characteristic hop note to it. I guess that is because it is dry hopped? It is a little strange but I like it.
  • + Buy again


3 Stars Brewing – Citra Lemon Saison (Saison)

  • 5.2% ABV
  • There seems to be an awful lot of citra going on in here. Surprise!!! That isnt a criticism by the way, it is just the the “citra” really dominates the flavor. What ever citra means there is a lot of it going on. It still has the light flavor that I associate with saison’s and all in all it is pretty good.
  • + Buy again


Brewery Ommegang – Game Of Thrones: Three-Eyed Raven (Saison)

  • 7.20% ABV
  • I am not really a fan of gimmick beers but Ommegang is no joke so I am trying to be open minded. I am, and I really mean this, no beer expert. That should be pretty obvious and any of my past 900 reviews can confirm that. But I am pretty sure the saison’s aren’t supposed to be as dark as a porter. It is a dark as my butthole at midnight, so thats odd. The beer not my butthole. It smells kind of like… Nothing? I don’t know, I just cut my lawn and that might be fucking with the nose hole. And that theme carries over to the taste. Once again, the beer not my nose hole. It is pretty much neutral, balanced matls and hops. Both of them at pretty low levels. Ehhh… It isnt bad but it isnt great.
  • – Dont buy


Deschutes Brewery – Zarabanda (Saison)

  • 6.10% ABV
  • I think my mouth is a dead as Mussolini because I cant taste shit any more. I am liking this but I might not be picking up on the nuances. Just like Mussolini didnt pick up on the fact that just because the trains run on time people will overlook the fact that he was a murderous fucktard. Shit, I have no idea where my brain is going. [SPOILER] Mussolini was murdered by a shit ton of angry Italians.
  • + Buy again


Grassroots Brewing – Brother Soigné (Saison)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • Welp another weirdly difficult beer to get a hold given to me by an awesome dude. Thanks man. Any way, this is a seriously good beer. It doesnt taste much like a Saison but damn, it is good. This reminds more a a sour than a Saison. Fuck it, labels are a tool of the military-industrial complex used to keep the working man down. This is delicious and I dont care if it is called “Dead Hooker Blood”. It isnt so sour that you cant enjoy it, it more like eating at Long John Silver’s. You get “meh” quality fish and then drown it in vinegar sauce.  AND! A feast for the Gods! Yup, this beer it just like that… Ambrosia.
  • + Buy again


Stone Brewing Company – Matt’s Burning Rosids (Saison)

  • 10.50% ABV
  • This beer is kind of sad. I guess it was made by a dude at Stone who died so they brewed it up as a memorial. That being said I hope if I die nobody makes a beer that tastes like this for me. It isnt bad but I kind of think it tastes like a bowl of cereal. Sounds strange but it is true, it isnt really all that good and the ABV is to damn high.
  • – Dont buy


White Birch Brewing – White Birch Saison (Saison)

  • 6.90% ABV
  • This is, in my experience, so far away from a saison that it isn’t even funny. If you think that a heartfelt embrace from a loved one and having Mike Tyson punch you in the throat are pretty much the same thing then yes, you would classify this as a saison. That being said I really like this beer. I just this it is more like a Flanders Red than anything else, and I know I am right because I had M1 try some and she ran to the sink and spit it out. She doesn’t like them very much hence the spitting while I on the other hand, love them. Love them. There isnt really much else to say about it because with sour beers I cant really taste any nuances, just the sour. Thanks for the beer Gary!
  • + Buy again


Knee Deep Brewing Company – Ryedentity Crisis (Saison)

  • 8.00% ABV
  • For fuck’s sake this is a pretty good Saison. It is a little sweet but not over the top distractingly. so. The smell!!! Oh the smell, I want to turn it into a god damn air freshener. It isnt as flowery tasting as what I expect from Saison, and yes I know that is a completely abstract criticism. What ever, I think I know the deal here… It is a little buttery tasting. Werd, it is pretty good.
  • + Buy again


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Noble Rot (Saison)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • HOLY SHIT! This is the best beer I have had in the last year. This is possibly the best beer I have tasted since I had the Sorachi Ace from 2 years ago. It might possibly be better than the 10.10.10 Vertical Epic. Holy shit, I am completely blown away by how good this is. I am completely floored. Dogfish is both the best and worst brewer ever. They make shit like the Hellhound, the 60 and 90 Minute’s which make me want to start a jihad against Bud drinkers. But then they make World Wide Stout which I am sure is an attack against all taste buds. I dont know, I am pretty sure there is a dude who has a 180 degree opinion from me that proves the point that DFH is probably the best brewer ever. They make beer’s that are completely polarizing, you LOVE them or you HATE them. OK enough editorializing, on to the beer. I guess the secret to making a awesome beer is: 1: Make it a Saison, 2:  Use grapes (or a grape by-products) in the beer. The result is awesome. This a light, fruity tasting delicious ummm… Ambrosia tasting beer? Yes! This is a beer worthy of God himself. I would tell you to go buy one but I am (not joking) going to buy all of them left on the shelves tomorrow.
  • ++ Buy again