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Gordon Biersch Brewing Company – FestBier (Märzen)

  • 5.30% ABV
  • So far (this year) I haven’t had an Oktoberfest that I have really liked and while I am not going to rush out and buy a 6 pack of this I do like it. I think it just the style that I am not really getting into but if you forced me to pick one this would be it. I am not going to bother speaking to the taste of it because I cant really judge a style that I don’t like but it isn’t bad.
  • – Dont buy again

Terrapin Beer Company – Terrapin Boom Shakalager (Oktoberfest)

  • High Goodness
  • M1 and I are fighting over the smell of this one. I think it is good but she thinks it smells like Kibble and Bits. I have also stated before that she is retarded, but I love her so I cant saw her legs of and throw her in a river. What is a guy supposed to do? Back to the beer… I guess it is supposed to be and Imperial Oktoberfest which sounds kind of dumb but it works. America is kind of awesome like that, we will take your German purity law controlled beers and multiply it by 10 and it still works. So basically if you want a Oktoberfest smooth tasting beer that will kick you in the ass this is for you.
  • + Buy again

Old Dominion Brewing Company – Dominion Octoberfest (Oktoberfest)

  • Average Goodness
  • Not bad. It is kind of all up in your face with the malts but I think that might just be an excellent example of the style.
  • + Buy again, but only for making the fall a happy time.

What the fuck I didn’t take a god damn picture of this one. I have 256 beers at this point and this is the first one I have missed.

Staatliches Hofbräuhaus (Hofbräu München) – Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier (Oktoberfest)

  • Average Goodness
  • Damn it! This has the Green Bottle Beer smell to it. I dont know what the hell is going on but after that I cant taste it for real. I know they have the German purity laws going on but I do know it got skunked on the way over here. God damn frustrating, if I got it fresh it would probably be awesome.
  • – Dont buy again… (Stupid green bottle).