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Cigar City Brewing/Sierra Nevada Brewing – Yonder Bock (Maibock)

  • 7.70% ABV
  • This is pretty good. It is brewed with god knows what, like a lot of experimental hops and shit I guess. I dont know what it is in it but I can tell that it is fucking awesome. It tastes almost like a pilsner, almost. Its like a pilsner had sex with a fruit basket and this is the bastard. That description sucks but trust me, this is a good beer.
  • + Buy again


Brauerei Hofstetten Krammer GmbH & Co. KG – Saphir Bock (Maibock)

  • 7.40% ABV
  • So if you read the label on the bottle you get blasted in the face with “Dry hopped with Saphir Hops for over 8 weeks”. Yup, I know for a Austrian beer that is actually pretty boner inducing. Have they found a way to make which are arguably excellent purity laws exciting? I mean when ever you get a German or Austrian beer you know what you are getting, A good beer that has been true to the same style for 100 years (if not more). So I got all excited to see the whole dry hopped with Saphir hops thing. Well it turns out that while this is a little different it doesn’t really break the styles locked by the purity law’s. I think it tastes like a more bread like heffe and M1 thinks it is closer to a Kolsch (she is retarded). What ever it tastes like it is a pretty good beer and I like it. All though I will still take a IPA over it, but that is a personal thing. It is really good…
  • + Buy again


Rogue Ales Brewery – Dead Guy Ale (Maibock)

  • Medium Goodness
  • Supposed to be a derivative of a Bock, but with some more hops. To many hops for me.
  • – Dont buy


  • Highish Goodness
  • This has got a strange taste thing going on. It starts off kind of bitter, not IPA level but you can tell it is there, the strange part is the finish. It is really good and actually interesting to drink, kind of what makes me wondering what is going to happen every next drink. Its like a Scooby Doo Mystery in a bottle.
  • + Buy again