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Short’s Brewing Company – Kolsch 45 (Kölsch)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • While I do like the 80’s reference in the title it doesnt really make up for the lack of a good beer. Its a Kolsch for gods sake, how do you screw that up? I know, I know… I just had and LOVED a Short’s ESB that tasted nothing like an ESB. Welp, it didnt work here. It doesnt have that anything that reminds me of a Kolsch. To sweet, to muddled.
  • – Dont buy


Saint Louis Brewery – Schlafly Kölsch (Kölsch)

  • Below average Goodness
  • As per M1 this is a “Simple, un-complicated excellent beer” Basically this, in her opinion, is the best American Kölsch. She is still a huge bitch for the German Kölsch’s, which is fair because they invented the shit. I personally cant really taste a whole lot going on but I have had a lot of BIG beers tonight.
  • + Buy again for M1.

Brauerei Heinrich Reissdorf – Reissdorf Kölsch (Kölsch)

  • Low Goodness
  • This shit is pretty good. It totally smells like a pilsner and it tastes like a pilsner to me which begs the question “Why not buy a pilsner”? It is pretty good tho… I could totally drink a ass ton of these. The problem is it costs 3.50 dollars a bottle and I can get a St. Georges pilsner that tastes as good for a tenth of the cost. M1 really really liked it tho… So…
  • + Buy again for M1