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Fruit Beer

The Traveler Beer Co. – Curious Traveler (Fruit Beer)

  • 4.40% ABV
  • Well this isnt good. Like at all… Its is kind of on like that “Hard Lemonade” crap but it is a little worse because of the malts. I seriously dont know what they were going for, because you could take a glass of lemonade and pour a Miller Lite into it and it would taste like this. Does that sound good? If it does, I would like to offer you a glass of ferret musk cut with milk.
  • – Dont buy


Ithaca Beer Company – Apricot Wheat (Fruit)

  • 4.90% ABV
  • Well I guess I had some more New York beers left. Thank god, because this is pretty good. I dont know why apricot tastes so good in beer but fuck me it does. Like most Heffe’s, I mean I think it is a Heffe it being a wheat and all. What ever, this is a pretty light tasting, the apricot I mean. It is something that I would drink after a long day of bull fighting under the hot sun. But I wont because that shit is wack, the bull fighting not the beer. I dont even know what I am doing here.
  • + Buy again



Jack’s Abby Brewing – Pumpkin Crop Lager (Fruit Beer)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • I dont know if it is just the skill of the brewer (it probably is) or if making a pumpkin lager is just a good idea, but this is working for me. I cant believe I an saying it but I am liking this. I isnt overpowering pumpkin, you can hardly even tell that it is there, but it is there. Just the right amount to make this enjoyable as a beer as opposed to a alcohol infused glass of pumpkin soup.
  • + Buy again


Founders Brewing Company – Blushing Monk (Fruit Beer)

  • 12.30% ABV
  • Holy shit this is the best fruit beer I have ever had. I am not kidding. I like all most all of the fruits I have had but they have been pretty sour, this is definitely sour but it isnt the only thing going on. The raspberries take center stage here and they do it in delicious way. I swear to me that this is like a super alcohol infused fruit drink that is also a beer. I will burn your house down to prove the point.
  • + Buy again

New Holland Brewing Company – Envious (Fruit)

  • 7.50% ABV
  • I was kind of disappointed when I poured this because it was so dark and had a pretty sweet smell. The taste tho… oh the taste. Very strange but it is totally subtle about it. It threw me for a loop so I looked up what the hell was going on with it and it turns out that there is a lot going on. Look it up for your self to get the whole picture but it is brewed with pears (which sounds gross but it works), raspberry and a chardonnay yeast. Sounds like a train wreck right? Wrong! it is awesome.
  • + Buy again