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Robinsons Family Brewers – Iron Maiden Trooper (Extra Special)

  • 4.70% ABV
  • So this is a beer my wife bought for my stupid friends because they love Iron Maiden. Great, a novelty beer and it isnt really that great of a novelty to start off with. Who the fuck still likes Iron Maiden? I am not going to lie, I used to listen to them back in the 80’s… Back in the 80’s. Yes I was to cool for school and used to smoke cigarettes to show how cool I was. Now I cant walk up a flight of stairs with out getting out of breath. See kids, stay in school or you will turn out like me. Which honestly, is pretty awesome. Fuck. Kids, skip school and smoke. Jesus, forget all that shit and on to the beer. It is surprisingly good considering I didnt have anything but low expectations going into it. It is an ESB which isnt one of my favorite styles but I am really enjoying it. Most of the things I dont like about ESB are the malts, they are a little to much in the spotlight but it is really what I am liking about this. The malts arent over the top and there are some some hops you can actually taste (kind of). It is pretty good.
  • + Buy again (and smoke cigarettes)


Blue Mountain Brewery – Steel Wheels ESB (Extra Special)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • Hooooo Boy! I really wasnt expecting this. I have had an evening of (mostly) good IPA’s and this was a beer I wasnt looking forward to. On the average ESB’s, in my opinion, are kind of let downs. Not really a porter and not really a pale ale, mostly something without a defining character. This fucking beer… This beer is exactly what I want from an ESB, nothing special. But it is so good. I cant really put it into words but this is an awesome “beer”. This is the winner of the evening.
  • + Buy again


Short’s Brewing Company – Autumn Ale (Extra Special)

  • 5.75% ABV
  • This is, no question, the best ESB I have ever had. It is fucking magic in my mouth, and I dont mean like stage magician magic. This magic is fucking real! If Gandalf peed in a glass and then cast a spell on it I am pretty sure it would taste like this. Magical pee, which I know realize after typing is a pretty shitty analogy. The only thing that gives me pause is that it doenst taste like any other ESB I have tried. It kind of makes me wonder if Short’s didnt just make an awesome beer and then were like “Ehh… fuck it. Its an ESB”. What ever… Magic pee!
  • + Buy again


Left Hand Brewing Company – Sawtooth Ale (Extra Special)

  • 5.30% ABV
  • ESB’s confuse me. Every time I try one it taste different than every other one I have had. I need to go look up whatever beer is the baseline for the style and use that for a comparison to all the others I have tried. This one in particular reminds me of a honey ale but with out the honey taste, which doesn’t make any sense but there you go. Kind of a sweet malt taste I guess. Not to bad but a little on the boring side for me.
  • – Dont buy

Avery Brewing Company – 14′ ESB (Extra Special)

  • 5.13% ABV
  • Yes I know the head in the picture is retarded. Just so you know I pour every beer the same way, if one looks strange it is the beer not me. On to the taste! It actually reminds me of a Farmhouse/Session in so much that it has a light almost flowery taste. And while that sounds a little on the sissy side I dont mean it to be. I love Session’s and while for some reason this is a ESB it does have the Farmhouse feel to it (I love the champaigny taste).
  • Buy again.