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Green Man Brewery – IPA (English IPA)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • I can honestly say this is the best tasting English IPA I have ever had. Mostly because it tastes just like an awesome American IPA. AMERICA FUCK YA!!! Honestly tho, this is a pretty good beer. I think it both smells and tastes like a damn American IPA and that is a good thing because English IPA’s are pretty blah. It isnt the greatest IPA I have ever had but I like it.
  • Buy again


Middle Ages Brewing Company – ImPaled Ale (English India Pale Ale)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • Syracuse Bitches!!! I just came back from the FAMILY NAME REDACTED¬† ancestral homeland… Upstate New York!!! So ya the next bunch of weeks it’s all New York beers. Yay for me! Any hoo, this is exactly what a beer should be. There is no powdered camel nuts, or any hint of ground up Chinese news papers. It is just a good IPA that all of you shit lords need to drink.
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Wynkoop Brewing Company – London Calling IPA (English IPA)

  • 5.9% ABV
  • This is a cask aged beer, which in my experiance means it should taste like a pile of dirty ass holes. BUT!!! It was the best beer of the night, and considering the beers I had that is saying alot. It is with out a doubt an English IPA and I could tell right off bat because the IBU’s are no where in sight but ohhhh… the taste. So good. As it warmed up it the flavor made a huge detour into something that was very familiar but I coudnt place. Either way it was really good and I really enjoyed watching the dude pump it out of the cask.
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Long Trail Brewing Company – Long Trail Traditional IPA (English IPA)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • At first taste I thought this was a really weak American IPA, but I liked it. There is a reason it is so weak, it is an English IPA. Yes I shit all over the English IPA’s but now I have had a couple that are really good. They dont have the bitter’s of an American IPA but I am beginning to appreciate the subtleties of the English.
  • + Buy again

Yards Brewing Company – India Pale Ale (English IPA)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • So I have heard about Yards for a while know and mostly only good things, now I understand why. This is pretty good but a little strange for an IPA. It has a little bit of an Saison about it, kind of flowery tasting and not in a bad way. As a get through it I am a little confused I like it but it doesnt taste like an IPA.
  • + Buy again

Flying Fish Brewing Company – HopFish (English IPA)

  • 6.30% ABV
  • I have had a couple of English IPA’s and with the exception of one of them I haven’t really been a fan. Annndd this one continues the trend… It isnt bad at all but I can almost taste a real IPA in there trying to escape but it never really does. It is like some one turned the volume down on all of the things that make IPA’s so good.
  • – Dont buy

Belhaven Brewery Company Ltd. – Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA (English IPA)

  • 5.30% ABV
  • Well at least it smells good… Annnndd thats about it. I still have that feeling that the English (in this case the Scot’s but close enough) have no fookin (thats for the Scot’s) idea how to make an IPA that doesn’t suck. This doesn’t suck as a beer, it just sucks as a IPA. M1 even said it tastes like a mix of an IPA and a lager. I say it is way to far over the lager line…
  • – Dont buy

Left Hand Brewing Company – 400 Pound Monkey (English IPA)

  • 6.70% ABV
  • I know I have kind of shit on English IPA’a in the past and for the most part I think it is because I have just had bad English IPA’s. This one is completely outside the norm for the style or, like I said before the other ones I have had just sucked. Probably a little closer to an American IPA in my experience which is also probably why I like it.
  • + Buy again

Cricket Hill Brewing Company – Hopnotic India Pale Ale (English India Pale Ale)

  • Average Goodness
  • This is strange. Normally I wouldn’t trust anyone from New Jersey to pump my gas (which by law they are required to do in that ass pit of a state) much less make a good beer. For real, I hate that state so much that I am blinded by rage at the mere thought of it. Want to get so frustrated that you would be willing to punch yourself in the groin just for a distraction? Try making a left hand turn in New Jersey, I once drove into New York just so I could turn around and go back the way I came from. And that doubled my rage because I was heading right back into New Jersey. Any way, this is a pretty good English IPA from a New Jersey brewery, which is distinctly different from an American IPA in so much as it doesn’t rocket up to the top of the IBU scale. I prefer an American but I can still appreciate a good English IPA and this totally qualifies as a good one.
  • + Buy again

Thornbridge Hall Country House Brewing Company – Jaipur IPA (English IPA)

  • Highish Goodness
  • Well well well… Almost the same good ass smell as the Halcyon (the other Thornbridge look it up) but with a much better taste. So I don’t know if I am being biased,¬† I read the Thornbridge site and Iliked what I saw. The Germans are restricted by law from brewing anything new and exciting, the English except for a few brewers seem to be restricted by tradition. These dudes are one of the few and thank C’thullu for that because they pumped out an excellent brew. It is like an American IPA but with, what I assume is an English style, and just as good. Yes, I understand how ridiculous it is for me to imply that the English suck at making IPA’s. What ever, just because you invented something doesn’t mean Americans cant make it better.

Ok that kind of got out of hand. In conclusion… this is a good beer.

  • + Buy again