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3 Stars Brewing – Ghost (Belgian IPA)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • Its been a while sense I have done a review and I have to admit, I have been lazy. I already drank a couple of these and I have really liked them but there is something wrong with this one. It is kind of flat, like right out of the can there is very little carbonation. I didnt notice this in the other beers I drank so I am thinking it is just this can. That really sucks because I dont want to review this on a bad one, I liked it, so…. I will review the next one I get.
  • ? I will get back to you


Otter Creek Brewing – Fresh Slice IPA (Belgian IPA)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • I have no idea what the hell is wrong with this beer but there is like 6 tons (give or take) worth of, I dont even know what, floating in it. Shit maybe? I am used to bottle conditioned beers but this is way past that. It is more on par with a harbor that had a ship break up at the headwaters. <-See that shit, I was in the Navy, I know Navy shit. I am not kidding, look at that picture. you can see all of the jizz in it. I am pretty sure Jimmy Hoffa is floating in the glass. I dont even care what it tastes like, this is no good.
  • -Dont buy


Wild Wolf Brewing Company – White Wolf (Belgian IPA)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • This is good and I really dont like Belgian beers, so that is saying alot. Really good. It is crisp without being super bitter. Normally that is a shitty thing in my opinion but it totally works here. The hops and malts are in a pretty awesome balance. It isnt like an American Pale Ale with the bitterness being the focus, but it also isnt lost in the taste. This is really good, a decent balance of hops and malts.
  • + Buy again


Terrapin Beer Company – Monk’s Revenge (Belgian IPA)

  • 9.60% ABV
  • I can taste the Belgian yeast all up in this fucker. I can taste it and I dont like it. It is so close to being a good beer I think I am trying to make it taste better in my head. But it really isnt all that good. It doesnt have the overpowering sweetnees that I despise but it is sitting there in the background. Enough so that I cant enjoy it.
  • – Dont buy


Clown Shoes- Tramp Stamp (Belgian IPA)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • This is kind of a let down for me. I love the Hoppy Feet so much I was sure that this would be good as well, or at least close. I dont know, maybe it is just the style (which I am not a fan of), but I have others BIPA’a and liked them. I am just not feeling it here, it isnt bad but it is no where near as good as the other two Clown Shoes. I dont know try it?
  • – Dont buy

Stone Brewing Company – Cali-Belgique (Belgian IPA)

  • 6.90% ABV
  • So after 365 reviews or notes to myself about beer I have repeated myself a couple of times. Not really my fault, I am not that clever and because of that I have a limited set of phrases to describe something. This time is different, I am saying this on purpose even tho I have said it before. I am a Stone whore. They are consistently the best brewer out there and while I have had a couple of their beers I didn’t like on average they are the best. And to prove my point I present their Cali-Belgique. According to the write up on the bottle it is the same beer as the Stone IPA but using Belgian yeast. I have only had a couple of the Stone IPA’a so I am not going to try and point out the differences. Instead I am just going to say it is awesome.
  • + Buy again