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American Porter

Bent Hill Brewery – Coconut Porter (American Porter)

  • 4.40% ABV
  • Wow this is not good. I am not sure if it is supposed to taste like this (I hope not), or if it went bad. It has a faint chemical taste to it that is sort of like a coconut. Kind of like how grape Kool-Aid taste like grapes, not really close at all. Well at least it has a really low ABV? I dunno, I am looking for something nice to say…
  • – Dont buy


Bell’s Brewery/Sierra Nevada Brewing – Maillard’s Odyssey (American Porter)

  • 8.50% ABV
  • I am a fucking idiot, in many, many ways. Specifically in this case because I waited so long to drink this beer. I got the Beer Camp pack like a month ago, you can see all of the other beers I reviewed. Anyway, I stayed away from this one because it looked like Satan’s dark ichor, collected out of his infected dick. Well like normal I fucked up… This is really good. Like almost all of the Porters that I have tried I like it. I like it a lot! It isnt anything that will crack the crust of the earth, but it is good. Dark and malty, but easy to drink.
  • + Buy again (you cant)


DuClaw Brewing Company – Sweet Baby Jesus (American Porter)

  • 6.50%
  • This is the best smelling beer that has ever passed through my nose hole.It is like a Butterfinger had a threeway with 2 other Butterfinger’s. It is an orgy of good sex in the nose, This is THE BEST SMELLING BEER EVER!!! It is also a very very very good tasting beer. PBJ is gay but this is so good. It is insane how good this beer is.
  • ++ Buy a 1,000 times


Stone Brewing Company – Smoked Porter Chipotle (American Porter)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • I am going to create a army of robots whose sole purpose will be to conquer the planet. Now while I am not the first person with this idea I am pretty sure I know how to make it work. My robots will be fueled solely by Stone beer. This shit is so awesome it should be good enough to take over the world. As an example, the Smoked Porter is an amazing beer and I honestly thought that they would fuck it up by adding chilies to it. They didnt make it better but they did make it different. It still tastes like the normal one but there is a cool little bit of spice in the after taste. Not enough to distract from how good it normally is but just let you know something else is going on.
  • + Buy again


DC Brau Brewing Company – Penn Quarter Porter (American Porter)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • I cant explain what the hell is wrong with me. Every time I try a good Porter I always say I am going to drink more of them because well, they are awesome. But for some dumb ass reason I forget and a couple of months go by before I have another one. This is another Porter that makes me want to try more. It isnt out of this world great but it is a very good and true to the style. A tiny bit chocolaty and a touch of smoke. All in all its pretty good.
  • + Buy again


Deschutes Brewery – Black Butte Porter (American Porter)

  • 5.20% ABV
  • Yay!!! Another porter. The “Yay” is for porters because, well they are awesome. This is a Deschutes and normally that means amazing, but this time it is just really good. Of course it is really hard to make a porter stand out without crossing the “What the fuck did you do to the style???” line. Any way this a really good, true to style porter that makes me happy. It also makes me sad that I have to special order Deschutes over the internet. I want that shit in Virginia.
  • + Buy again.


Tröegs Brewing Company – Dead Reckoning Porter (American Porter)

  • 5.40% ABV
  • I have said it before and somehow I forgot to do it. I need to drink more porters because they are delicious. This is a little heavier tasting than the other porters I have tried but it works. Nice smooth almost chocolate taste to it with only a slight (but pleasant) aftertaste.
  • + Buy again

This is a free beer (the best kind). Thanks Chuck!