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Nøgne Ø – Det Kompromissløse Bryggeri A/S – # 100 (American Barleywine)

  • 10.00% ABV
  • So I think I have had 4 or 5 barleywines and I have liked all of them. I like the deep ass (non stout) malt taste. I like, and this is strange, the thorax warming ABV level that you cant taste. The only thing I dont like is the super high ass level ABV, and yes I know I just contradicted myself… Deal with it. This is a “barley wine” but those crazy ass Norwegians basically did there own thing with the concept. It is bitter… Like IPA bitter, but  in a grudge match with the malts. It in no way resembles a Black IPA because the taste is completely different, but the same type of thing is going on. Super strong malts battling crushing hops in a war that unfortunately every one loses. The ABV is the only thing that keeps coming to the fore front, I just cant get past how alcoholy it tastes.
  • – Dont buy

Tröegs Brewing Company – Flying Mouflan (American Barleywine)

  • 9.30% ABV
  • Well like always I was wrong about something I thought I knew… Barelywines’s are awesome. Well I have only had 2 of them but I really liked them both. I assumed a barleywine would be super malty, almost like a stout. But at least this one has a noticeable hop taste to it. The only down side I would point out is that the ABV is a little high and you can taste it. It isnt so bad that I am stressing it but… It is there.
  • + Buy again

Stone Brewing Company – Stone Old Gaurdian (American Barleywine)

  • 12.00% ABV
  • Well this is my second Barleywine and I have to say I am liking them. Yes they are strong as hell but I am liking the hardcore malt in them. Yes the ABV is noticeable but it isnt detracting from the taste, all tho it might be because the malt is so strong… Strong and delicious. God damn it I am going to divorce M1 and marry Stone Brewery!
  • + Buy again (But for the love of Cthulhu be careful with it)