Russian River Brewing – Blind Pig (American IPA)

  • 6.10% ABV
  • I have been waiting for like 4 years to try this beer. I had pretty much given up hope on ever getting my hands on one of them, but good things happen to even shitty people. My homie brought this back from California for me and I am for real grateful to him. This has been a great beer week for me thanks to some pretty cool people. Thanks Dustin and Bruce. Any way this beer is as good as what I hyped it up to be in my brain hole. It isnt like most IPA’s made recently in that it has a pretty good balance of hops and malts.There is not really any sweetness from the malts and it isnt overpoweringly hoppy. The hops lean a little more to the pine but there is a hint of citrus in there too. I can honestly say that I dont know which beer is better, the Blind Pig, or a Pliney the Elder. Both of them are really world class beers.
  • + Buy again