Wormtown Brewing – MassWhole Hefeweizen (Hefeweizen)

  • 4.90% ABV
  • I love the fact that these ass-hats in Massachusetts acknowledge that they are, in fact, Masshole’s. It takes a big man to admit how shitty they are as a people, and Masshole’s are shitty people. I say embrace that shit and they did. I have had a couple of Wormtown beers thanks to my Boston born and breed co-worker and I love him for it. He is a hugely retarded Masshole. And I want to kill him! The only thing that stays his execution is that he keeps bringing me awesome beers. This one is pretty good in so much that it is a perfect Heffe. Blah blah blah… It smells good it tastes fruity. What ever, it isnt awesome but it is a awesome Heffe.
  • + Buy again.