Starr Hill Brewery – Sabbath (American Black Ale)

  • 7.20% ABV
  • This is a black IPA that is called Sabbath. I might be 13 years old but that shit is METAL! Also the the beer is really good. Black IPA’s are the beer that reminds me that I am a fucking idiot. I love them so much and I never drink them. Every time I drink one I remember I love them and then I dont drink one for like another year. I am a fool. This is a dark dark yet hoppy as fuck beer that still has malts peeking around the corner. My mouth is like a hot coed who naively¬†¬†showers with the blinds wide open, the malts are that creepy dude who is wearing a raincoat.. and that is it. Also he is furiously pounding his pud. A lot. They are there and you dont really see (taste) them but you know they are there. OK I got a little side tracked, but this is a really good beer.
  • + Buy again