Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Noble Rot (Saison)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • HOLY SHIT! This is the best beer I have had in the last year. This is possibly the best beer I have tasted since I had the Sorachi Ace from 2 years ago. It might possibly be better than the 10.10.10 Vertical Epic. Holy shit, I am completely blown away by how good this is. I am completely floored. Dogfish is both the best and worst brewer ever. They make shit like the Hellhound, the 60 and 90 Minute’s which make me want to start a jihad against Bud drinkers. But then they make World Wide Stout which I am sure is an attack against all taste buds. I dont know, I am pretty sure there is a dude who has a 180 degree opinion from me that proves the point that DFH is probably the best brewer ever. They make beer’s that are completely polarizing, you LOVE them or you HATE them. OK enough editorializing, on to the beer. I guess the secret to making a awesome beer is: 1: Make it a Saison, 2:  Use grapes (or a grape by-products) in the beer. The result is awesome. This a light, fruity tasting delicious ummm… Ambrosia tasting beer? Yes! This is a beer worthy of God himself. I would tell you to go buy one but I am (not joking) going to buy all of them left on the shelves tomorrow.
  • ++ Buy again


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