Home brew

So on the 25th I had some Shiner Bock. I had a couple a few years ago and I thought it was gross. But El Hefe was cooking up some chili and used Shiner for the beer. That shit is crazy expensive and there is no way I am going to waste beer so I drank it up. I was floored by how good it was. Serious, that shit is good. Anyway it got me thinking… How many other beers have I tried and shit on for some crazy (stupid) reason?

A new mission was realized. Re-try all beer.

Also… Fuck brewers. I will make my own beer. How hard can it be?


  1. El Hefe? I’m sure you meant fat and not the boss. I’ll remember that next time you want me to go get you a sample pack. OR make chili.

  2. 1. It better have been my chili recipe.

    2. Shiner Bock rocks! Used to get it all the time when I was TDY in TX.

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