Russian River Brewing Company – Pliny The Elder (American Double)

  • 8.00% ABV
  • So ya, Pliny the Elder. The best beer in America. Yup. Best beer in America. Ummm… I am not sure if it is the impossible rarity of this on the East Coast that is flavoring my opinion but I can see why this is considered the best. For real. I have gone on and on and on about how much I hate Imperials but damn, Russian River pulled it off. It smells better than dead Nazis burning in hell. Serious, if I could turn this into cologne I would have more sex than Ron Jeremy. Of course it would be with other fat sweaty beer nerds but you get the point. And that is just a warm up for the taste. It isnt the most bitter IPA I have ever had which is awesome because it lets the other flavors come through. It is almost buttery at first but with a sharp bite of bitterness at the end. Holy crap this is awesome.
  • + Buy again

Thanks Dan. For real I cant tell you how much I appreciate you getting this for me.

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