Harpoon Brewery – Harpoon Leviathan (Imperial IPA / American Double)

  • High Goodness
  • Damn it, as soon as I make up my mind about a style of beer something comes along and jacks it all up. When I started doing this whole beer review thing I HATED IPA’s. Now they are by far my favorite beer. A couple of weeks ago I said I HATED Imperials. Now I have had 2 that I really like, this being one of the 2. Maybe I am not crazy because I am not sure if this is being classified correctly I am going to call this a American Double, and for a good reason. It has more malt than hop flavor in it, and unlike a Imperial it is really good. It actually is kind of sweet (another thing I normally hate) which works really well. At 9% ABV I wont drink many of them in a night but I will enjoy what I have.
  • + Buy again

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