Monthly Archives: November 2015

Alpine Beer Company – Duet (American IPA)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • I almost didnt even review this beer because the last Alpine I had was good, and I will drink more of them, it wasnt great. After the first sip of this one I knew it deserved a review. It is not very bitter but there are a lot of very flavorful hops in it. I like the balance they got going on between the hops and then the hops and malts. It is pretty bad ass.
  • + Buy again


Alpine Beer Company – Hoppy Birthday (American Pale Ale)

  • 5.25% ABV
  • Hoppy Birthday… theee he he… Get it? Its a joke son. Any way this is a pretty good APA that Alpine markets as a session ale. Either way I like it. Nothing super out of the ordinary, just a good ass session. I have said it before but I am running out of clever things to say about sessions so I am forced to end this here.
  • + Buy again


Stone Brewing – Thunderstruck IPA (Imperial IPA)

  • 8.70% ABV
  • Well it is certainly a Stone IPA, no chance of not recognizing that. It is super bitter, like over the top bitter. I have no idea what hops they used but DAMN SON! It is really really good. If it wasnt at hobo level ABV it would be perfect. But ya, there is way to much alcohol in this for me to really enjoy. It is good for a one time shot tho…
  • + Buy again


Terrapin Beer Company – The Walking Dead (American IPA)

  • 6.70% ABV
  • I have said it before but it bears repeating. Gimmick beers are not often any good and this is one of those. It isnt horrible but I am not really digging it. It is kind of like a mash up of flavors, there is some bitterness and some hops and I guess some blood orange in there also. It just isnt working for me. Some times when you mix things together you wind up with surprisingly good shit. Just try and pick up a Thai girl in a bar and you will know what I am talking about, a whole lot of WTF but then it gets all sexy. This beer isnt sexy, it also isnt very good. I am kind of dreading how much more of it I have to drink. Which I guess ties in with the whole Walking Dead theme…
  • – Dont buy


Union Craft Brewing – Duckpin (American Pale Ale)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • Kind of malty for a pale ale, not saying it is bad but it is not really in step with the current trend of hoppy pale ales. Well honestly the trend now is that everything is hoppy but that is a good thing because I like hops. Any way this is pretty good but like I said, I like the hops. It is pretty cool that it is brewed in Bodymore. It is nice to see something other than crime coming outa there.
  • – Dont buy