Monthly Archives: September 2015

Maine Beer Company – Lunch (American IPA)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • Welp, I am a complete fucking asshole. I have had this for like 7 or 8 weeks and I was supposed to drink it fresh. I seriously let myself and Maine Beer Company down. I should have drank this as soon as I got it because it is really fucking good. Really good. I pretty much need to punch myself in the dick as punishment because this is so god damn good that I cant imagine how it would taste fresh. It smells a little like an orange, and it tastes very cirtus’y. The hops are a little subtle but damn my poop chute to hell if they aren’t delicious as balls covered in whipped cream. It am confused, it isnt a super IBU IPA but it is awesome. This is going up there with one of the best beers I have ever had. I miss you New England Beer Pipeline.
  • + Buy again


Hill Farmstead Brewery – Dorothy (Saison)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • This is probably going to be my last Hill Farmstead and that makes me very sad. As good as they are, and they are very good, at brewing beer there is now way I am driving to Vermont to get one. Sad… Any way this is a very odd tasting beer. It is a saison, no question, but has a non style characteristic hop note to it. I guess that is because it is dry hopped? It is a little strange but I like it.
  • + Buy again


Cigar City Brewing – GWAR Oderus Ale (American Pale Ale)

  • ? ABV
  • I am just going to say it, Cigar City is over rated. I know I will probably get death threats for that but it is true. I have had a couple of their beers now and the one I liked the most was only OK. That would be this one by the way. I dont know if it is their yeast but I think that most Cigar City beers taste a little sloppy. This one does not have a particularly¬†¬†good hop flavor or a remarkable malt presence. It is all just kind of there…
  • – Dont buy


Coney Island Brewing – OverPass IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • Ever been to the dentist? I hope so, well unless you are from Kentucky because that is just your culture. I just got back from the dentist, because I am not from Kentucky, so my mouth hole is pretty fucked up. I got like 4 shots of novocaine and I cant feel the left side of my head. Point being, it probably isnt very fair to review this beer, so here I go. It is pretty good, I like the piney hops mixed with the citrus like smell. I think, even my nose is numb. It isnt going to shatter any world records for being the best beer ever but it is pretty good.
  • + Buy again