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Third Street Brewhouse – Three Way (American Pale Ale)

  • 5.20% ABV
  • Another session, and surprise, its good. This one has 3 hops and 3 malts, get it… A Three Way. Hah! The jokes are all over the place. One thing that isnt a joke, is this beer. It is pretty damn tasty. I cant place them but the malts in this thing are good. They take center stage over the hops but it isnt bothering me this time. They are really good.
  • + Buy again


Russian River Brewing – Blind Pig (American IPA)

  • 6.10% ABV
  • I have been waiting for like 4 years to try this beer. I had pretty much given up hope on ever getting my hands on one of them, but good things happen to even shitty people. My homie brought this back from California for me and I am for real grateful to him. This has been a great beer week for me thanks to some pretty cool people. Thanks Dustin and Bruce. Any way this beer is as good as what I hyped it up to be in my brain hole. It isnt like most IPA’s made recently in that it has a pretty good balance of hops and malts.There is not really any sweetness from the malts and it isnt overpoweringly hoppy. The hops lean a little more to the pine but there is a hint of citrus in there too. I can honestly say that I dont know which beer is better, the Blind Pig, or a Pliney the Elder. Both of them are really world class beers.
  • + Buy again


New Glarus Brewing – Yokel (Munich Helles Lager)

  • 4.20% ABV
  • Yes, this is definitely I Helles. I know I have had a couple of them. I am trying to not be mean because after having a couple of New Glarus beers I know they are really good at brewing and this is probably an excellent beer. It is just that I am not a huge fan of the style. This is one of those beers that I would give to my friends who are not balls deep in love with IPA’s or stout’s.
  • – Dont buy


New Glarus Brewing – Two Women Lager (German Pilsner)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • Not really a fan of lagers so I am sure that the awesomeness of this is escaping me. It isnt bad but the style is way to malt centric for me. I am also not a fan of that “lager” taste. I am confused to why BeerAdvocate classify this as a German Pilsner when New Glarus clearly labels it as a lager. I dunno? I do know that it is awsome that New Glarus’s head brewer is a woman. Dont see that very often.
  • – Dont buy


Lift Bridge Brewery – Hop Dish (American IPA)

  • 7.50% ABV
  • I planed on thanking Bruce some more but fuck that dude, lets talk about this beer. Shit!!! This is made with 7 hops I guess which is cool I guess, I would have thought it would taste like a hot mess. No hot mess, it is awesome. It has a little citrus with a a good amount of malt that actually complements the beer, which is not something I ever say about IPAs. All in all this is pretty damn good, the only down side would be all of the ABV’s.
  • + Buy again


Bent Paddle Brewing – Black Ale (American Black Ale)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • First off I want to give a sincere thank you to my homie Bruce for bringing me a shit load of really good beer from Minnesota and Wisconsin. The next bunch of beers I review all came from him. If you ever need a kidney Bruce, I got you covered. Except that becaue of all the beer I drink my kidneys are probably as effective as Estelle Getty playing left wing for the Rangers, well actually she couldnt be much worse than those fucks… And shes dead! Get it? The Rangers SUCK! What ever, thanks Bruce and to who ever clued him in to these beers because they look great. This one for instance is fucking awesome. The last black ale I tried was horrible but this makes up for it. It has a really smooth coffee, or chocolate(?) taste to it. I dont know, I dont have the most sophisticated palate and I am kind of dumb. But I do know when I am drinking a good beer and I am. Like right now. It is fucking Tony the Tiger level GREAT!!
  • + Buy again


3 Stars Brewing – Citra Lemon Saison (Saison)

  • 5.2% ABV
  • There seems to be an awful lot of citra going on in here. Surprise!!! That isnt a criticism by the way, it is just the the “citra” really dominates the flavor. What ever citra means there is a lot of it going on. It still has the light flavor that I associate with saison’s and all in all it is pretty good.
  • + Buy again


Robinsons Family Brewers – Iron Maiden Trooper (Extra Special)

  • 4.70% ABV
  • So this is a beer my wife bought for my stupid friends because they love Iron Maiden. Great, a novelty beer and it isnt really that great of a novelty to start off with. Who the fuck still likes Iron Maiden? I am not going to lie, I used to listen to them back in the 80’s… Back in the 80’s. Yes I was to cool for school and used to smoke cigarettes to show how cool I was. Now I cant walk up a flight of stairs with out getting out of breath. See kids, stay in school or you will turn out like me. Which honestly, is pretty awesome. Fuck. Kids, skip school and smoke. Jesus, forget all that shit and on to the beer. It is surprisingly good considering I didnt have anything but low expectations going into it. It is an ESB which isnt one of my favorite styles but I am really enjoying it. Most of the things I dont like about ESB are the malts, they are a little to much in the spotlight but it is really what I am liking about this. The malts arent over the top and there are some some hops you can actually taste (kind of). It is pretty good.
  • + Buy again (and smoke cigarettes)


Bissell Brothers Brewing – The Substance (American IPA)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • So I guess cloudy beers are the Bissell Brothers thing. I am not sure if that is a good thing because it is a little off putting. But HOLY SHIT is this good. Strange but really fucking good. It tastes an awful lot like a orange, which is god damn odd. There isnt really any bitterness to it but I am not really missing it because the citrus really is what this thing is all about. I keep drinking it and expecting the taste to change but it isnt, pretty much all orange. I really want to know how they brewed this freak show.
  • + Buy again


Bissell Brothers Brewing – Baby Genius (American Blonde Ale)

  • 4.00% ABV
  • When I poured this I seriously thought there was something wrong with it. It is the cloudiest beer I have ever seen, it is as opaque as a stout, it just isnt dark, it is so strange. Well the can says it is a “Hoppy, Hazy Session Beer” which is kind of an understatement but they fucking aced truth in advertising. It is a blonde ale which I havent had in a while because I am not really a fan of but this is pretty good. It is crisp which I appreciate on a swampy ass hot August day. I dunno, I dont have any complaints but like I said I am not really a fan of the style.
  • – Dont buy


Hill Farmstead Brewery – Society & Solitude #5 (American Double)

  • 8.10% ABV
  • So this is a little scary, there is a shit ton of the ABV’s all up in here and I can barely tell. If you dont here from me in a couple of days… Rejoice at my death? I dont know, the Google bot is the onlything that ever reads this so I guess I am screwed. My crazy Vermont beer pipeline picked up this growler and a bunch of other beers for me, thanks Paul, I am going to miss your retarded devotion to beer. Any way onto the beer! It is pretty good but I think this is one of those situations where you build up something so much in your think box that the reality cant possibly live up to it. Hill Farmstead is so god damn good that it doesnt even make sense and this beer is really good too. It just isnt awesome, like the Susan was. I have no complaints at all except for the high ABV. This thing is going to kill me…
  • + Buy again