Monthly Archives: July 2015

3 Stars Brewing – Ghost (Belgian IPA)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • Its been a while sense I have done a review and I have to admit, I have been lazy. I already drank a couple of these and I have really liked them but there is something wrong with this one. It is kind of flat, like right out of the can there is very little carbonation. I didnt notice this in the other beers I drank so I am thinking it is just this can. That really sucks because I dont want to review this on a bad one, I liked it, so…. I will review the next one I get.
  • ? I will get back to you


Bell’s Brewery – Uranus (American Black Ale)

  • 9.50% ABV
  • Its been a really long time since I have had an American Black Ale and after tasting this one I cant say that I am missing them. I know this isnt the spokesman for the style but it kind of sucks to the point that I am not really wanting another one. It is to ABV’y and there is a strong sweetness to it. This is supposed to be a black IPA but it tastes more like a grain alcohol glass of HFCS. Blah.
  • – Dont buy


Ballast Point Brewing – Even Keel (American Pale Ale)

  • 3.80% ABV
  • Ya ya ya, another session IPA or in this case a pale ale. Same difference really. It tastes pretty good but this one is a little different in that it has a seriously low ABV. You could fucking┬ádrink these damn things all day long and still be able to do calculus. Well I cant, I cant do calculus sober but you get the point.
  • + Buy again