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Blue Mountain Brewery – A Hopwork Orange (American IPA)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • I dont know if I am a retard and nobody else does it but I classify IPA’s as either pine tasty or citrus tasty. This being a Hopwork Orange and all is definitely a citrus tasty IPA. But wait there is more… It finishes up with a piney taste. Damn it this review sucks. Fuck it, a co-worker got this for me and I really appreciate it. Thanks Trish!
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Monocacy Brewing – H.L. Rex (American Pale Ale)

  • 3.60% ABV
  • I have to hand it to Monocacy, when they say they are making a session they really mean it. At 3.6% ABV you could drink these things all day long, which is either a good thing or bad depending at how you look at it. For me its a good thing, made even better by the fact that it tastes god damn awesome. It really isnt missing anything taste wise. Hops: yup. Malts: yup. Damn it, I really like this beer.
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Dogfish Head Brewery – Sixty-One (American IPA)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • I am not really sure what the hell grape must is. Wait a minute… I just looked that shit up and it is basically all of the grape, skins seeds and stems ground up. So like a fucked up grape juice I guess with a lot of natural sugars in it. Seems like an odd choice to add to a beer but it kind of works. I am thinking that it cut out some of the IBU’s you normally get in a 60 Minute and replaced it with??? Shit, grape juice I guess. It is pretty good and dont get me wrong, it isnt like drinking a CapriSun or anything, it is pretty faint. I dunno, I like it.
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Evil Twin Brewing – Citra Sunshine Slacker (American IPA)

  • 4.50% ABV
  • My first Evil Twin!!! And it is a session… Not a bad thing but I seem to keep saying that shit about sessions. What ever, I love them. This beer however kind of stinks. It tastes fucking great, but it smells a little bad. It really does taste good but god damn it fucking smells like feet. Feet that walked through poop. Ehhh… It tastes good.
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Old Ox Brewery – Alpha Ox (American IPA)

  • 4.50% ABV
  • Another session IPA and I am still weirdly cool with them. Usually I get tired of drinking the same style of beer in pretty short order but damn it I am loving all of the sessions out there. The only down side is that they are all starting to taste pretty much the same but as long as they continue to be awesome, fuck it. There is nothing crazy about this, it is just good.
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South Street Brewery – Bar Hopper (American IPA)

  • 6.80% ABV
  • Yay for small ass Virginia breweries! Seriously, it is great how many new breweries are popping up around me and for the most part they all are really good. Like this for example, is a really good IPA. It isnt going to win any awards for being the best beer in the world but damn it if I am not really enjoying it. It isnt all up in your face with bitterness which I normally like, but nobody is ever confuse it with a pale ale. It is really really smooth and this could pose a problem because while it isnt super high on the ABV scale it is up there. High(ish) ABV + super smoothness = ??? Ya, it equals hobo drunk. Damn it it is good tho.
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Stone Brewing – Pale Ale 2.0 (American Pale Ale)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • Now here is something that I dont ever really say about a Stone beer, it isnt very good. I loved the original Stone Pale Ale but this is new and updated. It is actually labeled as Pale Ale 2.0, which actually makes me pretty fucking angry. I work in a software development shop where we actually use versioning, you know, where it is needed to keep track of shit. I am fucking tired of people using it out of context, like human 2.0 or the lawnmower 3.2. I am actually pretty surprised that they didnt call it an iBeer or some shit. What ever, this beer used to be good and no it isnt. Maybe it is just me or maybe it is the fact that they used German hops in it but it isnt as good. I like it but the old version was better.
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21st Amendment Brewery – Down To Earth (American IPA)

  • 4.40% ABV
  • Another session IPA, which means that session’s are a thing now I guess. That makes happy because they are a lot easier to find but it also makes me a little sad. There are a lot of session’s and not all of them are awesome, some of them are just good. Like this one, it is good but there isnt anything that really stands out about it. I am going to keep drinking them but meh… There are better ones out there.
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Brothers Craft Brewing – Drift (American IPA)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • So I have a “friend” who is moving from the BEST COAST to the WORST COAST and it makes me angry. Why the fuck would anybody ever consciously go to California? Fuck him and the goat he rode in on. But he is a pretty good guy and this review makes me sad because he brought this over to my house. It is a pretty fucking terrific beer. It is all session-y and delicious like a IPA. Fuck this review and fuck you FuckFace. I have no fucks to give.
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Appalachian Mountain Brewery – Long Leaf IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.80% ABV
  • This is why I love beer. Sometimes it is pretty much a quick view of nearly forgotten memories. Memories forgotten mostly because of beer but what ever. Its smell and taste bring to mind things that I have never tried to hold onto but after a sip of a well crafted beer… BAM!!! Memories all up in your brain hole. What ever, this thing instantly reminded me of my first IPA and why I fell in love with them. It isnt anything super special as far as exotic ingredients go but god damn it is good. I guess that makes it special?
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Green Man Brewery – IPA (English IPA)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • I can honestly say this is the best tasting English IPA I have ever had. Mostly because it tastes just like an awesome American IPA. AMERICA FUCK YA!!! Honestly tho, this is a pretty good beer. I think it both smells and tastes like a damn American IPA and that is a good thing because English IPA’s are pretty blah. It isnt the greatest IPA I have ever had but I like it.
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