Monthly Archives: February 2015

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company – Southern Hops’pitality (American IPA)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • Not bad, not really outstanding but I am liking it. It is another good, nothing strange IPA. Pretty much what you would expect in an IPA but with the added bonus of not having like 1 Billion ABV. That is truly something I appreciate because it makes me sad that I have had to switch to Pale Ale’s or Session IPA’s so that I dont get hobo drunk while enjoying a good beer. Ya I really like this.
  • + Buy again


Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery – ‘Til Sunset (American IPA)

  • 4.70% ABV
  • WoooHooo!!! Another really good session IPA. I love these damn things because I dont really like high ABV IPA’s. Low is the way to go!!!! Most of the time you get a (some of the time) awesome tasting IPA that you can drink a ton of but without the messy vomiting, acting like an asshole and alcohol poisoning. Sue me, I really like the taste of IPA’s but I dont really like getting hammered. Session IPA’s are awesome, all of that delicious bitterness, complemented by that delightful citrus smell. Yup! This beer is awesome.
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Champion Brewing Company – Stickin’ In My IPA (Rye Beer)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • Well this is pretty damn good. The last couple of Rye IPA’s haven’t been awesome but this makes up for it. I like the slightly spicy taste that rye’s have, and by spicy I dont mean like a chili pepper. If you dont understand what I am talking about then you are not alone, I just reread that wonderful description and now I am confused. What ever, just go buy this beer and you will figure it out. It is pretty good.
  • + Buy again


Deschutes Brewery – Fresh Squeezed IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.40% ABV
  • I dont have a picture of the bottle because I got this in a growler, so thats kind of cool. This beer is pretty good but I am really struggling to describe it. It has weird kind of muted taste. Its like you want a grapefruit and you wind up with a ruby red, it is still really good but it is missing that “grapefruit” bitterness. It is so strange, because that isnt a complaint. Its odd…
  • + Buy again


Stone Brewing – Enjoy By 2.14.15 (American Double)

  • 9.40% ABV
  • I think I am going to stop reviewing these because I am pretty sure they are all the same. Not saying that is a bad thing because they are awesome. But, pretty sure they are the same. I dunno, it is pretty much what you expect from a Stone IPA delicious beer. Super hoppy, a little on the citrus side. A small but detectable malt backbone that really complements but doesn’t detract. All in all it is a great beer.
  • + Buy again