Monthly Archives: February 2015

JDub’s Brewing – Up Top (American IPA)

  • 6.75% ABV
  • I have to admit that I might have fucked up this beer. I am in a hotel and the fridge sucks donkey balls, it has the coolness of fucking Jerry Lewis. So I filled up the icebucket and put it in. Unbeknownst to me a damn iceburg formed around the can. If this was floating in the North Atlantic it would sink the Titanic. Well now I want to drink it but it’s frozen solid, so I ran hot ass water over it. Yup, pretty sure I fucked it up because it tastes odd.
  • ? No idea


Cigar City Brewing – Hotter than Helles (Helles Lager)

  • 5.00%ABV
  • So this kind of makes up for the IPA I had from Cigar City I guess. It isn’t horrible but I think it is pretty hard to fuck up a Helles. I might be talking out of my ass but brewing a Helles is kind of like falling in a hole, shot just kind of takes care of it’s self. I dunno, I am not really a fan of the style so it is hard to be very critical of it.
  • Don’t buy


Cigar City Brewing – Jai Alai (American IPA)

  • 7.50% ABV
  • So I am in Florida typing this on a phone. Basically my life sucks now. I don’t like Florida or phones. On a positive note I was able to get some good beers, emphasis on Cigar City. I have really been looking forward to trying a non-collaboration beer from them and I found three of them. I was mostly excited about this one and now I am sad. It isn’t very good. It has a retarded ABV and it is kind of sweet. Thanks for making lame assĀ Florida even more disappointing.
  • Don’t buy


Hill Farmstead Brewery – Susan (American IPA)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • A dude at work got me a growler of this and I cant thank him enough. There is like 7 to 8 foot of snow on the ground in New England and he drove all they way up to Vermont for what turned out to be the greatest beer run in history. Shine on you crazy diamond… Shine on! Anyway, on to the beer. HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOOD! I have had a couple World Class beers and for the most part they have all lived up to the hype, this is another one of those. It has a light malt backbone that doesn’t in anyway do anything but complement the hops. And ohh the hops. It isnt like one of those 1 million IBU beers that is so bitter it sucks all of the moisture out of your mouth but there is also no confusion that this is an IPA. There really is no downside to this wonderful rage fuel. Rage??? Yes. I am tempted to burn down my house because there is no way am going to ever get anymore of this.
  • + Buy again


Apocalypse Ale Works – RED HOPPOCALYPSE (American Amber)

  • 8.00% ABV
  • Right off the bat there are two things going for this beer. The art on the can is worth buying on its own, also the brewer has a weird apocalypse thing going on. Whats not to love? Not being sarcastic. They are also from Virginia which is pretty cool too. All in all this beer has a lot going for it and there is only one problem, it isnt very good. I dont hate it but for the level of ABV I just wish it tasted better. It has the unfortunate curse of high ABV beers… Sweetness. I dont like it.
  • – Dont buy



Smuttynose Brewing – Bouncy House IPA (American Pale Ale)

  • 4.30% ABV
  • It’s been a while since I have had a Smuttynose and I could totally tell who brewed this at first taste. I dont know if it the yeast they use or what but there is a very distinct taste to Smuttynose beers. The good thing is that I like it and while all of their beers dont taste the same they have a subtle theme that I really dig. This might have a little more malt to it than I normally want but it is working here.
  • + Buy again


Three Notch’d Brewing Company – 40 Mile IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • Subtle malts in my IPA? Yes please. I am starting to appreciate a little malt to balance the bitterness of hops and that is OK. Thats not to say that I dont want 100 IBU IPA’s anymore, because I totally do. It is just nice to get a little balance, well not balance, more like a hint. This is really good and (SURPRISE) it has a little malt up in it.
  • + Buy again