Daily Archives: December 21, 2014

Deschutes Brewery – Zarabanda (Saison)

  • 6.10% ABV
  • I think my mouth is a dead as Mussolini because I cant taste shit any more. I am liking this but I might not be picking up on the nuances. Just like Mussolini didnt pick up on the fact that just because the trains run on time people will overlook the fact that he was a murderous fucktard. Shit, I have no idea where my brain is going. [SPOILER] Mussolini was murdered by a shit ton of angry Italians.
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Blue Mountain Brewery – Steel Wheels ESB (Extra Special)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • Hooooo Boy! I really wasnt expecting this. I have had an evening of (mostly) good IPA’s and this was a beer I wasnt looking forward to. On the average ESB’s, in my opinion, are kind of let downs. Not really a porter and not really a pale ale, mostly something without a defining character. This fucking beer… This beer is exactly what I want from an ESB, nothing special. But it is so good. I cant really put it into words but this is an awesome “beer”. This is the winner of the evening.
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