Daily Archives: October 22, 2014

SweetWater Brewing – 420 (American Pale Ale)

  • 5.40% ABV
  • Well this is pretty good. To be fair, in my mind it is pretty hard to fuck up an APA but this one is pretty good. Good in that it hits all of the points that make APA’s great with a TWIST. Duhn duhn duhn!!! It is hoppy like it should be with a strange (but enjoyable) crispness. The mystery is the malts. They are totally there, as in you can actually taste them. This is strange to me because I mostly dont like that, it normally means that shit is going wrong. Weird sweetness… Strange after taste… None of that shit is here. It is just good. I guess, and I am talking out of my ass here, that is why they call it an Extra Pale Ale. Fuck it, I dont know but I do like it.
  • + Buy again