Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

Stone Brewing Company – RuinTen (American Double)

  • 10.80% ABV
  • Let me start off by saying that my PM bought this beer for me because I had to come in on a Saturday, or something, I dont remember. It wasnt really a big deal, shit needed to get done so I did it. The big deal is that he cared enough to do a little more to thank me and bought me this beer. I dont have a lot going on in my life other than being awesome so it is an appreciated gesture. Thanks Paul! Enough with the feelings, on to the beer-> I love Ruination, it is seriously one of my favorite beers. I like it so much I barely drink it because I dont want to make it ordinary. In theory this is a Ruinitation that has been amped up, which if you think about it is absurd. Ruination is all about ridiculous amounts of hops, like stupid levels of that shit. Well it smells like a badgers asshole the has been sitting in a plastic bag under a Nevada sun… For like a week. It smells bad. It tastes… OK? I dont know because the more I drink the better it tastes but that might be be to the ABV. Fuck! I dont want to type anymore. Fuck it, I dont know.
  • ? Maybe buy


Middle Ages Brewing – Swallow Wit (Witbier)

  • 4.80% ABV
  • On the whole my New York beer haul has been mostly pretty good with a couple of really good and a couple of pretty blah beers. So far there hasnt been anything horrible, luckily the misses have just been, blah. In my mind that speaks to the overwhelming power of New York’s awesomeness. Sadly this is another blah, it isnt bad but I am not in love with it. M1 really likes it and I turned it over her to finish it. It is light, crisp and very bubbly. M1 likes the bubbles, she described it as prosecco-y. But it isnt for me.
  • – Dont buy


Sly Fox Brewing Company – Pikeland Pils (German Pilsener)

  • 4.90% ABV
  • Well this is annoying, this is one of my New York beers but it isnt from New York. It is from fucking Pennsylvania. I dont hate Pennsylvania, except for Philly. I mean come on, who doesnt hate Philly. Well even though this beer didnt come from New York it is really really good. It is a German Pilsner, no surprise about the German part it is Pennsylvania after all. All in all this is a really good pilsner. It makes me confused because there is nothing that really resembles hops, well at least pale ale or IPA hops. And yet I love it. I just finished it and I am sad because I want more.
  • + Buy again


Peak Organic – Pomegranate Wheat Ale (American Pale Wheat Ale)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • Yup that picture has a lot of foam and the camera doesnt lie. There is a lot of god damn foam in this. On the plus side it isnt really good. Wait… That isnt a good thing, just like this beer. HA! another joke. I am a fucking machine. Unfortunately after drinking this beer I am more like “The Machine” from that shit movie 8mm. Sad. I am giving the rest of this to M1.
  • – Dont buy


Ithaca Beer Company – Cascazilla (American Amber)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • Another New York beer, how many of those did I buy? Not enough because this thing is great. Ithaca Beer is a REALLY good brewer which makes sense because it is Ithaca. Seriously, you should go there, it is fucking beautiful. I am thinking that this beer’s flavor is sensory representation of upstate New York. It tastes good??? OK, that didnt work. This beer is good. It reminds me (a tiny bit) of a Bastard. I dont know what it is but the amber part is Bastard-ish. Good stuff.
  • + Buy again


Ithaca Beer Company – Apricot Wheat (Fruit)

  • 4.90% ABV
  • Well I guess I had some more New York beers left. Thank god, because this is pretty good. I dont know why apricot tastes so good in beer but fuck me it does. Like most Heffe’s, I mean I think it is a Heffe it being a wheat and all. What ever, this is a pretty light tasting, the apricot I mean. It is something that I would drink after a long day of bull fighting under the hot sun. But I wont because that shit is wack, the bull fighting not the beer. I dont even know what I am doing here.
  • + Buy again