Monthly Archives: September 2014

Elysian Brewing Company – Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

  • 5.40% ABV
  • I am not sure if the blood orange is just super subtle or if it is just a gimmick but I cant taste it. I really, really want to because I think it is an awesome idea. I mean, come on! Blood orange in a Pale Ale, what isnt to like? It is still a really good Pale Ale that is magically delicious. Buy it I guess.
  • + Buy again


Otter Creek Brewing – Fresh Slice IPA (Belgian IPA)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • I have no idea what the hell is wrong with this beer but there is like 6 tons (give or take) worth of, I dont even know what, floating in it. Shit maybe? I am used to bottle conditioned beers but this is way past that. It is more on par with a harbor that had a ship break up at the headwaters. <-See that shit, I was in the Navy, I know Navy shit. I am not kidding, look at that picture. you can see all of the jizz in it. I am pretty sure Jimmy Hoffa is floating in the glass. I dont even care what it tastes like, this is no good.
  • -Dont buy


Widmer Brothers Brewing – Omission IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.70% ABV
  • So I started drinking this and I was curious about the “Omission” part. Was it an existential statement? Maybe they ran out of hops while they were brewing it? I didnt know so I went all internet detective on its ass. I am the god damn Philip Marlowe of the beer world! And so after visiting the Widmer web site I found that the missing component is gluten. While that might be kind of anticlimactic this beer isnt. It is probably the best gluten free beer I have ever had. As an IPA it isnt earth shatteringly good, but it is good. It is crisp and pretty much awesome.
  • + Buy again


Captain Lawrence Brewing Company – Freshchester Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

  • 5.60% ABV
  • This is delicious, serious it is fucking awesome. I also might have drank a lot tonight but I really liked this beer. That doesnt detract from how good this is. I am a little pissed that the brewer is from (basically) New  York City because that isnt New York. New York city is a awesome/shitty region of New York that is a place on its own. What ever this beer is good. Really good. Buy it…
  • + Buy again


Middle Ages Brewing Company – Duke of Winship (English Porter)

  • 6.50%
  • I think I might have fucked up this beer. There is a slight soap taste to it that might have come from a bad washing of the glass… Or it might have a slightly soapy taste to it, I dont know! Having a soapy taste on a hookers butthole is a good thing. You know it is clean. Having a soapy taste in a beer isnt really a good thing. Blah…
  • – Dont buy


Stone Brewing Company – 18th Anniversary (American Double)

  • 8.50% ABV
  • I am not sure what Stone is doing but they say that this is a golden brown IPA. I dont know what that means but this is a pretty good beer. It is malty but not so much that it doesnt taste like an IPA. It is like a really malty IPA. It is a Stone so you are pretty much guaranteed that it is going to be good (pretty much). I like it, get one before they are gone.
  • + Buy again


DC Brau Brewing Company – The Tradition (American Blonde Ale)

  • 5.00% ABV
  • I like DC Brau, they make good beer and they are local(ish). The shitty thing is that even tho they are local it is pretty hard to get any of their beers. Which makes this pretty sad, while this is a good beer it is a Blonde. I dont like Blondes, both the beer and women types. Ha! What ever it is pretty good for a Blonde… But it is a Blonde.
  • – Dont buy


Middle Ages Brewing Company – ImPaled Ale (English India Pale Ale)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • Syracuse Bitches!!! I just came back from the FAMILY NAME REDACTED  ancestral homeland… Upstate New York!!! So ya the next bunch of weeks it’s all New York beers. Yay for me! Any hoo, this is exactly what a beer should be. There is no powdered camel nuts, or any hint of ground up Chinese news papers. It is just a good IPA that all of you shit lords need to drink.
  • + Buy again


Asheville Brewers Alliance/Sierra Nevada Brewing – Tater Ridge (Scottish Ale)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • I would like to formally request that brewers stop using stupid shit to make their beers special or unique. Just make a good tasting beer, it doesnt have to have “the essence of a muskrat” to make you stand out from the rest of the available beers. Trust me if it is good enough people will hear about it and buy that shit. This beer for example, is brewed with sweet potato’s. Fucking sweet potato’s! Who the shit thought that was a good idea? Dont get me wrong, this isnt horrible and that is the problem. If these dudes have enough skill to make a beer brewed with sweet potato’s taste good then they probably could have made a kick ass normal beer.
  • – Dont buy