Daily Archives: November 28, 2013

Jack’s Abby Brewing – Numb Swagger (Rauchbier)

  • 5.80% ABV
  • Fuck. This is really good and it is another Rauchbier, which I apparently have never had before last night. What ever… This is better than the one last night. It is better than any other Rauchbier I have had. This is the best Rauchbier that I have never had. Smokieness (check), malty goodness (check) and awesomeness (check). Shit my fuck this is a really good beer. I might be kind of over the limit now… Which doesn’t diminish from how good this beer is.
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Backlash Beer Company – Outbreak (American Double)

  • 8.50% ABV
  • Fuck you Gary and I mean that in the best way possible. I just went to the Backlash site and read up on them (http://backlashbeer.com/). Those assholes are awesome, in a way that makes me sad. I want to brew like them but all of my beers are just OK. Their beers are OK but with a attitude I love. My only problem is that they are from Boston… But holy shit they are awesome, minus the Boston thing. This is a beer only available in Boston and they want it like that. I am in Virginia and drinking it and I love the fact that I shouldnt be drinking it. If it wasnt for my magical beer gnome (from Boston) I wouldnt have ever even heard of them. WERD! Thanks Gary. Oh, and the beer is pretty good. That really isnt the point.
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Jack’s Abby Brewing – Pumpkin Crop Lager (Fruit Beer)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • I dont know if it is just the skill of the brewer (it probably is) or if making a pumpkin lager is just a good idea, but this is working for me. I cant believe I an saying it but I am liking this. I isnt overpowering pumpkin, you can hardly even tell that it is there, but it is there. Just the right amount to make this enjoyable as a beer as opposed to a alcohol infused glass of pumpkin soup.
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Maine Beer Company – Zoe (American Amber)

  • 7.20% ABV
  • Werd! An awesome Amber, that isnt something that happens every day. It isnt an IPA but it sure reminds me of one with a pronounced bitterness that isnt detracting from the malt taste that you expect from an Amber. Good lord this is a good beer. It has a heap of the normal American IPA hops in it but it is obvious that it is something different. Man this is good. Thanks Gary!
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