Monthly Archives: November 2013

Jack’s Abby Brewing – Numb Swagger (Rauchbier)

  • 5.80% ABV
  • Fuck. This is really good and it is another Rauchbier, which I apparently have never had before last night. What ever… This is better than the one last night. It is better than any other Rauchbier I have had. This is the best Rauchbier that I have never had. Smokieness (check), malty goodness (check) and awesomeness (check). Shit my fuck this is a really good beer. I might be kind of over the limit now… Which doesn’t diminish from how good this beer is.
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Backlash Beer Company – Outbreak (American Double)

  • 8.50% ABV
  • Fuck you Gary and I mean that in the best way possible. I just went to the Backlash site and read up on them ( Those assholes are awesome, in a way that makes me sad. I want to brew like them but all of my beers are just OK. Their beers are OK but with a attitude I love. My only problem is that they are from Boston… But holy shit they are awesome, minus the Boston thing. This is a beer only available in Boston and they want it like that. I am in Virginia and drinking it and I love the fact that I shouldnt be drinking it. If it wasnt for my magical beer gnome (from Boston) I wouldnt have ever even heard of them. WERD! Thanks Gary. Oh, and the beer is pretty good. That really isnt the point.
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Jack’s Abby Brewing – Pumpkin Crop Lager (Fruit Beer)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • I dont know if it is just the skill of the brewer (it probably is) or if making a pumpkin lager is just a good idea, but this is working for me. I cant believe I an saying it but I am liking this. I isnt overpowering pumpkin, you can hardly even tell that it is there, but it is there. Just the right amount to make this enjoyable as a beer as opposed to a alcohol infused glass of pumpkin soup.
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Maine Beer Company – Zoe (American Amber)

  • 7.20% ABV
  • Werd! An awesome Amber, that isnt something that happens every day. It isnt an IPA but it sure reminds me of one with a pronounced bitterness that isnt detracting from the malt taste that you expect from an Amber. Good lord this is a good beer. It has a heap of the normal American IPA hops in it but it is obvious that it is something different. Man this is good. Thanks Gary!
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Jack’s Abby Brewing – Smoke & Dagger (Rauchbier)

  • 5.80% ABV
  • I have no idea what is going on but for some reason it looks like this is the first Rauchbier I have ever had. That is complete shit, I have had them and I really like them. I dont know what the hell is going on with MachineKit, but something is wrong this isnt the first Rauchbier I have had. That being said, this isnt the best Rauchbier I have ever had. It is missing that deep smokiness that is pretty much the benchmark of the style. I dont hate it but it is basically a slightly spicier tasting Schwarzbier.
  • – Dont buy


Jack’s Abby Brewing – Hoponius Union (American Pale Lager)

  • 6.70% ABV
  • Thanks again to Gartard for another Boston hook up. I need to come up with a cool nickname for my North East beer pipeline… What ever. This is another American Pale Lager but with a much more pronounced hop taste. The brewer calls it a India Pale Lager and ignoing how cleaver they think they are I can see why they named it so. It is easily the most bitter lager I have ever tasted and the crispness of the lager really complements the hops. I am digging it.
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Jack’s Abby Brewing – Jabby Brau (American Pale Lager)

  • 4.50% ABV
  • Hooray for having a beer pipeline up to Boston. I finally have something that I don’t hate about people from Boston. Thanks Gary, you no “R” pronouncing halfwit! Anyway, its been a long time since I have had an American Pale Lager and I am happy I am drinking this one. The brewer is weird in that they only brew lagers. I would have thought that isn’t enough different styles to make it your only type of brewing, but what ever. This has the crispness that I love about lagers but it doesnt taste like shit. Which is odd because most lagers are shitty. If you like Miller or Coor’s then you would probably LOVE this, I know I am.
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Brooklyn Brine Company – Hop Pickle (Pickle)

  • No ABV, just awesome!
  • It is a god damn pickle made with Dogfish Head 60 Minute. Think about that for a minute… A pickle (which are awesome) made with 60 Minute (which is awesome). It is so good and mildly spicy. They make another pickle called Damn Spicy which is even better but there is no beer in it so it doesnt count for here. Holy shiz this is so good!
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