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Berkshire Brewing Company – Lost Sailor India Pale Ale (English India Pale Ale)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • Thanks to my boss and his Dad, both of whom are crazy ass Boston people I got this delivered, by hand from Boston. Thanks dudes! Any who, this is pretty good for an English style IPA which is odd if you think about it. Didn’t those Boston fucks basically come up with the idea of telling England to fuck off because we are Americans? The Boston Tea Party and all of that jazz. I dont think Johnny Tremain would be to pleased that he got his hand melted so that Bostonian’s 240 years latter would be brewing English style beers. Seem kind of like a cop out to me… Ha! I made a literary reference, dont ever say MachineKit is devoid of culture. What ever… This beer, being of the English variant, uses Goldings hops and while I am not a fan it is working here. At first sip I thought it was lacking that crispness of an American IPA but it is starting to grow on me. After about a half glass down I am no longer missing that piney taste of a Cascade or Simcoe hop. One thing that is awesome is the smell, that overlooked at first. I dont know what they used but this thing smells like a god damned pine forest. Delicious…
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