Monthly Archives: August 2013

Stone Brewing Company – Götterdämmerung (American Double)

  • 9.5% ABV
  • Stone is unquestionably the best brewer… ever. This beer pretty much proves the point. Made exclusively with German hops and malts they have brewed something I would have thought was impossible, a full on IPA. I may be mistaken but I think that Stone used some sort sorcery because there should be no way to get these IBU’s out of German hops. It has the normal Stone level of awesome bitterness that we all know and love but there is a more pronounced crispness than normal that I guess we can thank the Germans for. Other than the weirdness of the Deutsche ingredients it is pretty much a standard IPA. Not extraordinary but pretty good.
  • + Buy again


Brouwerij Westvleteren – Trappist Westvleteren 12 (Quad)

  • 10.20% ABV
  • Well its the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD. First off I have to thank my boss John, who went to Belgium, drove to the abbey, bought a couple of these and shipped them home. It is pretty awesome to have friends who will do shit like that for you. Thanks John, I sincerely appreciate it. Now, the beer… If anybody has ever read any of my beer reviews (nobody has), it is no secret that I hate Belgium beers. Like I would for real rather slam my junk in a drawer than drink a double or quad, it just isn’t a style I enjoy. With all that being said I gotta say this is the best quad I have ever had. It is for the most part missing that disgusting sweetness that almost all quads have. I mean it is still there, that is the style, but it isnt killing me. There is a lot going on with the taste that if I were a pretentious douche bag I would describe as, earthy, hints of stone fruit, or cherry-ish. I am not a douche so I am going to go with nothing more than it is a quad. I am not qualified to say if it is shitty or good because I dont know quads that well. All I am going to say is that this beer proves that I know some kick ass people who do kick ass things for me.
  • Buy or dont buy, I dont give a shit, just go and get some good friends.