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Firestone 15 – Firestone Walker Brewing Company (American Strong Ale)

  • 12.5% ABV
  • My brother is the best person I have ever known. For real, I love M1 to distraction and she is awesome… But… I treated my brother like shit for 16 years. From like the day he was born until he was 16 I was a pretty shitty to him. The only reason I stopped fucking with him is because I joined the Navy and I was gone. What ever, no one but he and I need to know about my shameful actions. For Christmas he got me this crazy ass beer (because he is awesome) that I would have never purchased on my own. It is off the chart ABV wise, to the point that I am having problems typing. It is pretty good for a beer that has 8 different beers mixed together. I am not sure if I would buy another one but I am liking this one.
  • ? Try it on your own… I no longer have the ability to understand.