Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sierra Nevada Brewing – Brux Domesticated Wild Ale (American Wild Ale)

  • 8.30% ABV
  • This has a tiny bit of the sour/wild/tart in it. It isn’t a sour and it isn’t a Lambic but it is somewhere in between. It is kind of like a moderately sour champagne. If that makes any sense. Maybe I should say it is dry tasting that leans a little over into the tart side. I dont know… It is good.
  • + Buy again


Stone Brewing Company – Smoked Porter Chipotle (American Porter)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • I am going to create a army of robots whose sole purpose will be to conquer the planet. Now while I am not the first person with this idea I am pretty sure I know how to make it work. My robots will be fueled solely by Stone beer. This shit is so awesome it should be good enough to take over the world. As an example, the Smoked Porter is an amazing beer and I honestly thought that they would fuck it up by adding chilies to it. They didnt make it better but they did make it different. It still tastes like the normal one but there is a cool little bit of spice in the after taste. Not enough to distract from how good it normally is but just let you know something else is going on.
  • + Buy again


New Belgium Brewing – Lips Of Faith – Super India Pale Ale (American Double)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • HOLY SHIT!!! This is so good I want to go and desecrate a French war memorial… Oh wait here comes the joke… They are all German. What ever, ignore my horrible attempts at humour and pay attention to how good this beer is. I fucking hate Imperials as I have talked about over and over again. But this is so good. Smooth as malts that are like Billy Dee Williams making sweet live in my mouth hole. It is so good. The hops are what makes this beer awesome. I am not a scientist but I am pretty sure this beer is impossible. The hops are so strong and so delicious that I am going to punch myself in the groin. So strong but not bitter. I am going to lose it… So good.
  • + Buy again.