Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Clown Shoes – Miracle (American IPA)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • This is a normal every day IPA that hits all of the notes you would expect. It is hoppy with a touch of bitter. It is crisp tasting with a touch of bitter. It is bitter with a touch of bitter. It is fucking bitter with an ass raping of bitter… Well maybe not Ruination bitter but it is good. So basically it is a decent IPA right? WRONG!!! It is an awesome IPA for the one fact that it is only 5.5% ABV. This is truly a session worthy IPA that tastes like an IPA. Now dont misunderstand me, Bitter American and Levitation are still the session beer of choice but holy crap this is different. Those two are highish IBU pale ales that you can drink all night. They are really good but they are not IPA’s/ This is an IPA that you can truly drink all night.
  • + Buy again