Daily Archives: May 7, 2012

RJ Rockers Brewing Company – Son of a Peach (American Pale Wheat Ale)

  • 5.80% ABV
  • I expected a punch in the mouth of peach in this but I was a little disappointed. At first I was just like blah, but there is a little more going on in here. The peach is there it is just subtle and sneaky. Like a second after taking a sip I get like a smooth stealth attack of the peach. It is like a Navy Seal team coming in and shooting my taste buds in the mouth. You arnt really sure what happened but there is no doubt something did happen.
  • + Buy again


Weyerbacher Brewing Company – Verboten (Belgian Pale Ale)

  • 5.90% ABV
  • Go figure, Weyerbacher made a decent Belgian pale ale. I generally don’t like Weyerbacher mostly because of their most horrible and foul Simcoe and I really dont like Belgian beers. I guess it two wrongs do make a right. And this is mostly a right… For the most part. It is a little muted compared to what I normally enjoy but that is to be expected, you know it being Belgian and all. Other than that it pretty freakin good. No noticeable hops and a definite if not overbearing sweetness that I am actually enjoying. For once…
  • + Buy again


Stone Brewing Company – TBA (American Brown Ale)

  • 7.10% ABV
  • Hooray for Stone and Bear Republic and Fat Head I guess. But mostly for Stone because once again they deliver. I have had a shit load of Stone beer and only like 2 of them have been not to my liking. Not bad just not a style I liked. This is fucking WERD!!!! Brown Ale brewed with brown sugar and molasses sounds like it should be pretty sweet right? Wrong, this is a Stone and that is reflected in the taste. It has that same Stone bitterness that I expect, I would say it is in-between their Pale Ale and IPA. But you can taste the brown sugar in it. I am so happy…
  • + Buy again