Monthly Archives: April 2012

Mikkeller – 1000 IBU (American Double)

  • 9.60% ABV
  • Ummm… I know this is supposed to be 1000 IBU’s and I guess it is but I am not tasting it. I just drank one of my beers and it is at least the same and I think a little more bitter than this. It has a really muddy taste to it.The funny thing is that after 100 IBU’s humans cant taste bitterness so this is a gimmick. A gimmick I approve of in theory but it isnt working here. M1 thinks it tastes like pineapple but like I have said before she is crazy. I think it tastes kind of bad.
  • – Dont buy.


Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Hoptimum (American Double)

  • 10.40% ABV
  • Holy shit this beer will stamp a mud hole in you bitter tasting mouth parts. For fucks sake this has to be one of the most bitter beers I have had in a long time. Jesus… This reminds me, bitterness wise, of drinking my Half Pound before it went into the secondary. It is f’ing with my head because it is so bitter that I am almost missing how good it tastes. For a beer at 10.40% ABV I am not picking up the normal rubbing alcohol smell/taste. It is actually pretty neutral smelling and it doesnt have the forced sweetness that an Imperial IPA usually picks up from being so high ABV wise. Gad damn this is good, it will probably ruin all other beer for me tonight because of the double punch of bitterness and ABV but I am going to ride this train into hoppy town.
  • + + BUY AGAIN


New Belgium Brewing – La Folie (Flanders Oud Bruin)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • WHAT!?!?!?! A new beer style, that hasnt happened in months. I havnt even tasted it yet and I am excited. Ohhhh!!! I tried it and it is awesome. So sour and so good. I am pretty sure that all of the moisture in my body just got sucked out by this crazy ass beer. It is at the same level as The Duchess as far as the sour goes. God damn it this is good.
  • + Buy again.


Laurelwood Public House & Brewery – Ink Heart CDA (American Black Ale)

  • 7.30% ABV
  • I am confused. This is a really good beer but it isnt overly bitter of massively malted. I kind of expected one or the other but this is kind of… neutral? I dont mean it tastes like nothing, I think it is just really well balanced. Really well… I like it, I like it a lot. It just doesn’t taste like a Black IPA which in this case is OK.
  • + Buy again


Lazy Boy Brewing – Lazy Boy IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • Smells like a Simcoe hoped IPA, but it isnt. I am not sure how they pulled it off but this is a super bitter Chinook, Cascade and Amarillo IPA. I use they same recipe in my home brew and it has the same problem. It smells like ass. And like my beer this one taste pretty good. All in all it is good if you can get past the smell.
  • + Buy again


Three Floyds Brewing Company – Robert The Bruce Scottish Ale (Scottish Ale)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • I gotta admit, this is a pretty good beer. I hate Scottish Ales but this isnt so bad. Not to say that it doesnt taste like a Scotch but I guess the 3 Floyds magic is able to overcome what I think are the let down of the style. I would try to describe it in comparison to some of the others I have had but it has been so long since I have tasted one I dont even know any more.It has that strong dark grain taste in the beginning but it mellows out pretty quick so a deepish malt. Good but I dont like the style.
  • – Dont buy