Monthly Archives: January 2012

Rogue Ales – American Amber Ale (American Amber)

  • 5.60% ABV
  • Not bad. It is pretty smooth tasting and very representative of what I have come to expect an American Amber to taste like. I have had a lot of crazy ass ambers that while good were completely of the style. Not the case here, a well made and good tasting amber. My only complaint is that there isnt anything that stands out and makes me go “Holy Crap”.
  • – Dont buy.


Cotleigh Brewery – Tawny Owl (English Bitter)

  • 3.80% ABV
  • I am like 6 different kinds of confused over this beer. I mean isnt 3.8% ABV like a near beer? I am pretty sure you can buy beer in a Utah grocery store with a higher ABV than this. So I pretty much expected this to taste like an O’Doul’s but it isnt really all that bad. I mean it is pretty light on the malt and hop side but it isnt as bad as a American Macro. Umm, I might be revising my opinion here. The more I drink it the less I am liking it. I dunno, it is OK.
  • – Dont buy


Lost Rhino Brewing Company – New River Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • I was really looking forward to getting a growler of this and for some reason it has taken a couple of months. I dont know why, the brewer is like 5 minutes away from my work… I dont know, any way, Dustard graciously went out and lunch and picked one up for me (he is a good minion). Well as far as the taste goes I am a little underwhelmed. It has a kind of buttery taste to it? I guess? I dont know, it is also kind of low on the IBU scale, more like an English pale ale. It isnt bad but I dont dislike it but I stupidly had higher hopes for it.
  • + Buy again (because it is local)


Widmer Brothers Brewing Company – O’Ryely IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.40% ABV
  • All of the Rye IPA’s I have had so far fall into one of two camps, Awesome or soap. I think this might be a soap one but in the grand tradition of the Widmer Brothers Brewery it is so watered down and muted that I cant really tell. It isnt bad tasting, it is more muted I guess. It just doesnt really stand out in any specific way. I assume that Widmer is pursing the “I want to try a craft beer, but I want it to taste like a Miller” market. I dunno, maybe I am being to harsh…
  • – Dont buy


Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Immort Ale (American Strong Ale)

  • 11.00% ABV
  • So supposedly there is maple, vanilla, and oak in this. I can totally taste the vanilla right of the bat and it tastes good. As I sit and type the maple and oak peek out in the after taste which I am appreciating more and more as I drink. Damn, I was almost ready to write this off before I tasted it because of the ABV, which is to god damn high. It keeps growing on me, it reminds me of the Life and Limb but it actually tastes good. I feel like I am eating a New England forest in November. Maple, oak deliciousness…
  • + Buy again

Nøgne Ø – Det Kompromissløse Bryggeri A/S – # 100 (American Barleywine)

  • 10.00% ABV
  • So I think I have had 4 or 5 barleywines and I have liked all of them. I like the deep ass (non stout) malt taste. I like, and this is strange, the thorax warming ABV level that you cant taste. The only thing I dont like is the super high ass level ABV, and yes I know I just contradicted myself… Deal with it. This is a “barley wine” but those crazy ass Norwegians basically did there own thing with the concept. It is bitter… Like IPA bitter, but  in a grudge match with the malts. It in no way resembles a Black IPA because the taste is completely different, but the same type of thing is going on. Super strong malts battling crushing hops in a war that unfortunately every one loses. The ABV is the only thing that keeps coming to the fore front, I just cant get past how alcoholy it tastes.
  • – Dont buy