Daily Archives: November 18, 2011

Spoetzl Brewery – Shiner Kosmos Reserve (American Pale Lager)

  • 4.98% ABV
  • So I drank this right after finishing the Shiner Alt and I am worried that the strong malts in the alt are overpowering any subtleties in this. To me it is tastes very similar to the alt without as big of a malt richness. Actually as I drink more of it there is a very slight hop bitterness in it that the alt didnt have. Very slight. I dunno I like it but I would definitely grab the alt over it.
  • + Buy again

Spoetzl Brewery – Shiner Old-Time Alt (Altbier)

  • 4.20% ABV
  • This is the first time I have added a new category in months. Awesome… I am also pretty excited to try an Altbier, I have been reading about people loving on them for a while now. Last time that happened all the excitement was over Black IPA’s and holy crap are those awesome. Plus, even tho lots of people talk shit about Shiner, I love Spoetzl beers. This is a recipe for awesome…. And it delivers! Super punch you in the nose DEEP malt smell that almost scared me, I thought it would taste like a stout. But no. It has a very strong malt taste but it isnt deep (chocolaty???) tasting. It finishes out with a noticeably crisp feel. I wont replace IPA’s with Alt’s but holy crap this is a good style??? I know this is a good beer.
  • + Buy again.

Stone Brewing Company – 11.11.11 Vertical Epic (Chile Beer)

  • 9.40% ABV
  • I had some misgivings before trying this. I am not a big fan of chile beers but hey, it is a Stone. What is strange is that this doesn’t have that normal “Stone” taste to it. Normally if you give me a glass of beer I will be able to tell you from the smell – taste that it is a Stone. This one has none of those characteristics, and I don’t mean that is bad, just different. All in all I like it and for it being a chile that is saying something. And my stupid fucking cat just ran by and knocked the glass full of beer over. There goes my favourite glass and a good beer that will only be brewed once. I hate cats and I like this beer.
  • + Buy again.