Daily Archives: November 9, 2011

Lexington Brewing Company – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (American Strong Ale)

  • 8.19% ABV
  • Wow. I am at a complete loss. I have been putting off drinking this because the whole “Bourbon Barrel Aged” scared me. Scared me like a little girl. See, I cant drink liquor. I cant smell liquor. Some times if I even think to hard about liquor I will gag. I dont even hate it, I have a physical revulsion to liquor. Any way, I dont want my¬† beer to have shit to do with Bourbon and so I was scared. And like always I was wrong. This is a delicious beer. No qualifier, it is just a good beer. Strong and I cant emphasize this enough, smooth malts. Glorious malts…
  • + Buy again.

21st Amendment Brewery – Fireside Chat (Winter Warmer)

  • 7.90% ABV
  • Well it is festivly spiced thats for shure. It is actually pretty good for the style (which I am not a fan of), not to far over the top that you cant taste the malt which leaves a pretty good aftertaste. I guess the warming part comes from 7.9 ABV wich seems pretty strong but it warming up. Well at least my thorax is. I dunno, it is pretty good.
  • + Buy again

Annnddd my spell check is broken… God luck with reading that.