Monthly Archives: November 2011

Lexington Brewing Company – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (American Strong Ale)

  • 8.19% ABV
  • Wow. I am at a complete loss. I have been putting off drinking this because the whole “Bourbon Barrel Aged” scared me. Scared me like a little girl. See, I cant drink liquor. I cant smell liquor. Some times if I even think to hard about liquor I will gag. I dont even hate it, I have a physical revulsion to liquor. Any way, I dont want my¬† beer to have shit to do with Bourbon and so I was scared. And like always I was wrong. This is a delicious beer. No qualifier, it is just a good beer. Strong and I cant emphasize this enough, smooth malts. Glorious malts…
  • + Buy again.

21st Amendment Brewery – Fireside Chat (Winter Warmer)

  • 7.90% ABV
  • Well it is festivly spiced thats for shure. It is actually pretty good for the style (which I am not a fan of), not to far over the top that you cant taste the malt which leaves a pretty good aftertaste. I guess the warming part comes from 7.9 ABV wich seems pretty strong but it warming up. Well at least my thorax is. I dunno, it is pretty good.
  • + Buy again

Annnddd my spell check is broken… God luck with reading that.

Clown Shoes – Lubrication (American Black Ale)

  • 6.00% ABV
  • That is a good beer! For real this is a excellent Black IPA (maybe Black Pale Ale). It isnt as good as a Self Righteous or a Clown Shoe as far as the IBU scale goes but… It is as good as both of those taste/enjoyment wise it just at a lower ABV. Which in my mind is an awesome thing. The only down side is that it is hard to find and that sucks balls. It is shitty thing when you find a good beer that is hard to find and this is one of them.
  • + Buy again

Terrapin Beer Company – So Fresh & So Green Green (American IPA)

  • 6.60% ABV
  • I dont know how describe the unique flavor that wet hopped beers have but I am a big fan of it. There is definitely a common thread between all of the wet hop style beers. It isnt that they are fresher tasting in my opinion, hell I dont even know what that means. I guess they are just better? Yup, they are better. This one in particular isnt super hoppy but the flavor is delicious so I dont really care. The only problem I have is that I am pretty sure I am going to have to wait a year to have another one.
  • + Buy again

21st Amendment Brewery – Hop Crisis (American Double)

  • 9.70% ABV
  • I have been a pretty big fan of 21st and this is a another pretty good beer. The reason I say pretty good is because it is a Imperial and while they did a good job you can still tell it is an Imperial. It has that default almost sweetness in the taste. It is faint but I can tell it is there. I do like the kind of oaky taste to it which (surprise) comes from being aged in an oak barrel. I guess…
  • – Dont buy (unless you like Imperial’s)