Daily Archives: October 31, 2011

New Holland Brewing Company – Rye Hatter (Rye Beer)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • Jesus, this tastes just as horrible as the Rocket Dog. It has that same soapy shitty taste to it which make me wonder if the other Rye’s I have had that I liked were off style (but delicious). I am assuming there are 2 type’s of rye beers. The good one that makes everything awesome and then there is the soap style. There is a slightly weird spiciness in the soap style that is am probably confusing with… well soap. Any who. This is a shit beer.
  • – Dont buy.

Flying Fish Brewing Company – Exit 9 (American Amber)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • Damn, at first taste I could only taste the alcohol in it and I got worried I was in for another 120 Minute style fiasco. I know it is only 9% and I shouldnt be able to taste it but it is there. I dont know, maybe it is one of the hops they used. Uhhh… The more I drink the less I like it. Something in here tastes like tannin.
  • – Dont buy