Daily Archives: October 24, 2011

Founders Brewing Company – Dirty Bastard (Scotch Ale)

  • 8.50% ABV
  • It smells like fucking chocolate. Haven’t actually tasted it yet but it smells like choco to me. Ok (10 minutes later) this is actually pretty good. This tastes very roasted malty to me, and it is good. I dont really know the style that well and I am not sure how close it conforms to it… But hot damn it is pretty good., It isnt dark tasting and it isnt sweet but it certainly is some where in-between the two.
  • + Buy again.

Russian River Brewing Company – Pliny The Elder (American Double)

  • 8.00% ABV
  • So ya, Pliny the Elder. The best beer in America. Yup. Best beer in America. Ummm… I am not sure if it is the impossible rarity of this on the East Coast that is flavoring my opinion but I can see why this is considered the best. For real. I have gone on and on and on about how much I hate Imperials but damn, Russian River pulled it off. It smells better than dead Nazis burning in hell. Serious, if I could turn this into cologne I would have more sex than Ron Jeremy. Of course it would be with other fat sweaty beer nerds but you get the point. And that is just a warm up for the taste. It isnt the most bitter IPA I have ever had which is awesome because it lets the other flavors come through. It is almost buttery at first but with a sharp bite of bitterness at the end. Holy crap this is awesome.
  • + Buy again

Thanks Dan. For real I cant tell you how much I appreciate you getting this for me.