Monthly Archives: October 2011

New Holland Brewing Company – Rye Hatter (Rye Beer)

  • 6.50% ABV
  • Jesus, this tastes just as horrible as the Rocket Dog. It has that same soapy shitty taste to it which make me wonder if the other Rye’s I have had that I liked were off style (but delicious). I am assuming there are 2 type’s of rye beers. The good one that makes everything awesome and then there is the soap style. There is a slightly weird spiciness in the soap style that is am probably confusing with… well soap. Any who. This is a shit beer.
  • – Dont buy.

Flying Fish Brewing Company – Exit 9 (American Amber)

  • 9.00% ABV
  • Damn, at first taste I could only taste the alcohol in it and I got worried I was in for another 120 Minute style fiasco. I know it is only 9% and I shouldnt be able to taste it but it is there. I dont know, maybe it is one of the hops they used. Uhhh… The more I drink the less I like it. Something in here tastes like tannin.
  • – Dont buy

Founders Brewing Company – Dirty Bastard (Scotch Ale)

  • 8.50% ABV
  • It smells like fucking chocolate. Haven’t actually tasted it yet but it smells like choco to me. Ok (10 minutes later) this is actually pretty good. This tastes very roasted malty to me, and it is good. I dont really know the style that well and I am not sure how close it conforms to it… But hot damn it is pretty good., It isnt dark tasting and it isnt sweet but it certainly is some where in-between the two.
  • + Buy again.

Russian River Brewing Company – Pliny The Elder (American Double)

  • 8.00% ABV
  • So ya, Pliny the Elder. The best beer in America. Yup. Best beer in America. Ummm… I am not sure if it is the impossible rarity of this on the East Coast that is flavoring my opinion but I can see why this is considered the best. For real. I have gone on and on and on about how much I hate Imperials but damn, Russian River pulled it off. It smells better than dead Nazis burning in hell. Serious, if I could turn this into cologne I would have more sex than Ron Jeremy. Of course it would be with other fat sweaty beer nerds but you get the point. And that is just a warm up for the taste. It isnt the most bitter IPA I have ever had which is awesome because it lets the other flavors come through. It is almost buttery at first but with a sharp bite of bitterness at the end. Holy crap this is awesome.
  • + Buy again

Thanks Dan. For real I cant tell you how much I appreciate you getting this for me.

Six Point – Bengali Tiger (American IPA)

  • 6.40% ABV
  • There is something strange going on with this beer. It smells odd, all most bad. Kind of chemically like a chemical toilet. It also has something stranger going on with the taste. It is very pine tree tasting but not in a good IPA way. It is more like a pine tree air freshener, all artificial and bad tasting. I dont know maybe it is smell fucking with me. What ever, I dont like it.
  • – Dont buy

Lost Rhino Brewing Company – Face Plant (American IPA)

  • ?.?? ABV
  • So there is nothing better than have a new brewery open up 5 minutes away from work. Now I can destroy my liver twice as fast (I hate that thing). Anyway, this is pretty good. It doesn’t beat a Stone but honestly what does? It has a pretty interesting piney resin taste that kind of smooths over to citrus. The IBU’s are not through the roof and you can definitely taste the malts, not like a English IPA but it is there. What ever, it gets +10 enjoyment because it is brewed in NOVA and is a mile away from my job. I will probably make a habit of drinking this.
  • + Buy again

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – 120 Minute IPA (American Double)

  • 18.00% ABV
  • Well it certainly doesn’t smell very good. Oh my god no! I just took a sip and I know without a doubt that this getting poured out. It tastes like fucking cleaning solvents, holy shit this is horrible. Who the hell would willingly drink this shit? A better question is what kind of retard would brew and bottle it? I want my god damn money back, this shit was 10 bucks a bottle. I can honestly say this is the worst beer I have ever had. I dont even know how to describe it well enough to get my point across. I have had beers that skunked that taste better than this crap. I have had some spectacularly bad beers that taste better than this. I almost immediately vomit at the smell of gin and I would drink a big ole glass of it before this. For fucks sake I must have been a child murderer in a previous life to have Karma screw me into drinking this shit.
  • –  –  –  –  Dont buy!!! EVER!!!

Vennitti – Vennitti IPA #2 (IPA)

  • ?.??
  • This is the second IPA from my brewing work dude. The first one was excellent and this one does not disappoint either. It is probably to malty to be what you traditionally would call an IPA but that doesn’t make it a any less enjoyable. Not sure what hops he used but you can tell that they are there, not like a Ruination by any means but you can tell. This actually reminds me more of a American Black Ale than an IPA because of the richer malt flavor.
  • + Cant buy it but I am going to try and get some more.

North Coast Brewing Company – Le Merle (Saison)

  • 7.90% ABV
  • Well I am pretty sure that the Saison De BUFF has screwed me up. It is delicious and it was the first saison I ever had. Now that I have tried lots of them and I realize it didn’t taste anything like a saison and most real saisons taste like poop. This isnt bad but it is to heavily spiced for me, kind of like a winter ale. I dont mean it tastes like one but the amount of spices in is similar.
  • – Dont buy.