Monthly Archives: June 2011

Wynkoop Brewing Company – London Calling IPA (English IPA)

  • 5.9% ABV
  • This is a cask aged beer, which in my experiance means it should taste like a pile of dirty ass holes. BUT!!! It was the best beer of the night, and considering the beers I had that is saying alot. It is with out a doubt an English IPA and I could tell right off bat because the IBU’s are no where in sight but ohhhh… the taste. So good. As it warmed up it the flavor made a huge detour into something that was very familiar but I coudnt place. Either way it was really good and I really enjoyed watching the dude pump it out of the cask.
  • + Buy again


Alaskan Brewing Company – Alaskan IPA (American IPA)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • Wow this turned out to be a disaster. I was all excited to try a Alaskan beer because come on, Alaska, who has ever had an Alaskan beer. Well turns out there is a good reason for that. This is a really poo tasting IPA, for real… I had to buy it in a 6-pack and after the first taste I was pissed because I had to drink 5 more of them. Blah, not good.
  • – Dont buy

Clown Shoes – Hoppy Feet (American Black Ale)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • This is the second Black Ale I have had and they taste very similar by which I mean, good. Very good. The other one I had is the Self-Righteous which is one of my favorite beers of pretty much all time. This like I said is very similar but with maybe a little more of a malt taste. It still is very bitter which is a surprise considering how dark it is. All in all I like it a lot, not sure if I would choose it over the Stone but I will happily drink another one.
  • + Buy again