Daily Archives: February 2, 2011

Trader Joe’s Brewing Company – Josephs Brau Dunkelweizen (Dunkelweizen)

  • 5.2% ABV
  • So I cant tell the difference between this and the Trader Joe’s Hefeweizen which makes me sad, because while this isnt a bad beer (I kind of like it) it isnt a Dunkelweizen. It totally misses what a Dunkelweizen is supposed to taste like, at least in my mind. Dont get me wrong, it tastes good, but if you are looking for a dunkel dont go here.
  • – Dont buy (because it isnt in the style)

Trader Joe’s Brewing Company – Bavarian Style Hefeweizen (Hefeweizen)

  • 5.30% ABV
  • This is actually pretty good. It is pretty much hit or miss trying one of the Trader Joe’s beers. Normally you can tell by who the actual brewer is how good the beer is, but this time it is actually Trader Joe’s. Or at least they say it is. Any way it is pretty good and while it didnt jiz in my pants after tasting it I do like it.
  • + Buy again