Daily Archives: January 1, 2011

Bell’s Brewery, Inc. – Hell Hath No Fury Ale (Belgian Strong Dark Ale)

  • 7.70% ABV
  • For a Belgian Ale this is actually pretty good. It is smooth with a really dark malt taste. It still has that Belgian sweetness to it but not at a level that detracts from the flavor. Ya, the more I drink it the better it gets… I am not so sure about the style but I have to imagine that this is the best in class.
  • + Buy again

Blue & Gray Brewing Company – Falmouth (American Pale Ale)

  • ? ABV
  • I think this is probably one of the few IPA/APA’s I have had where you can totally taste the ale side of it. Normally the IBU is so high you cant really get a sense of very much else. Whet ever I like the IBU’s, one of the reasons I dont like English IPA’s is because I think they are way to weak tasting on the bitter side. Well looks like the English arnt the only ones who can pull that trick off. M1 did like it.
  • – Dont buy

Boston Beer Company – Infinium (Bière de Champagne)

  • 10.30% ABV
  • If you have seen the stupid ass commercial for this beer and haven’t tasted it get ready for a huge disappointment. According to Sam Adams this is supposed to be a “champagne like  beer”. What it really is going on is a hot mess of what I am guessing is a bunch of malts with some champagne yeasts. Whet ever it is dont buy it. If you want some thing that is dry, crisp and almost champagne like go buy a Sorachi Ace or a Sassion De BUFF. Those are excellent beers that fit the “chamagne” format. They also are really good as beers which the Infinium isnt.
  • – Dont buy