Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fuller Smith & Turner PLC – London Pride (English Pale Ale)

  • 4.70% ABV
  • So in the past I have kind of shit all over English IPA’a and pale ales and now for that I apologize. Granted all of the other ones I have tried were indeed shit, this one makes up for them. It isnt the best pale ale I have ever had but it is good. It has more of a weird flavor than bitters but I think that is the point. My point is, this is good.
  • + Buy again

Harpoon Brewery – Winter Warmer (Winter Warmer)

  • 5.50% ABV
  • Another new type of beer, and in the same night. That hasnt happened in moths! And I wish it hadnt happened tonight because this beer sucks. It tastes like liquefied cinnamon and I dont mean that in a good way, as if there was a good way liquid cinnamon could taste. M1 had the same reaction but she picked up on the nutmeg instead of the cinnamon. Either way this sucks.
  • – Dont buy

Tr̦egs Brewing Company РDead Reckoning Porter (American Porter)

  • 5.40% ABV
  • I have said it before and somehow I forgot to do it. I need to drink more porters because they are delicious. This is a little heavier tasting than the other porters I have tried but it works. Nice smooth almost chocolate taste to it with only a slight (but pleasant) aftertaste.
  • + Buy again

This is a free beer (the best kind). Thanks Chuck!

Tommyknocker Brewery – Pick Axe Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

  • 6.20% ABV
  • Even after 400 or so beers trying a new one that is good makes me giddy like a school girl. Right now I am giddy… Like a school girl. It certainly is not an IPA, it is close but it is so much more. I would liken it to the Little Summin Summin not in taste (well maybe a little in the taste) but in how good it is. I strongly urge you to go get one.
  • + Buy again

Yards Brewing Company – India Pale Ale (English IPA)

  • 7.00% ABV
  • So I have heard about Yards for a while know and mostly only good things, now I understand why. This is pretty good but a little strange for an IPA. It has a little bit of an Saison about it, kind of flowery tasting and not in a bad way. As a get through it I am a little confused I like it but it doesnt taste like an IPA.
  • + Buy again